The Cash Cow….

source:  Santorum Becomes Millionaire in Six Years After U.S. Senate Loss.

Since his 2006 re-election defeat, the former Pennsylvania lawmaker has gone from being one of the poorer members of the U.S. Senate to earning $1.3 million between January 2010 and August 2011. In 2007, he spent $2 million to buy a 5,000-square foot home in Great Falls, Virginia, according to property records.

Santorum’s financial rise was powered by consulting contracts with fuel producer Consol Energy Inc., faith advocacy group Clapham Group and American Continental Group, a Washington consultancy, as well as media engagements.

Is it really possible to diminish the influence of lobbies in our politics when so many in congress depend on them to get into the 1%? Take this example or if you like the $1.3 million paid to Gingrich for his history lessons. And of course if this isn’t enough you must remember that the Supreme Court in their conservative wisdom has decided that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to insure that their chosen candidates get elected! So now “our” representatives in congress can be bought and paid for at both ends of the process. Does anyone else see how wrong this is and how threatening it is to our fragile democracy. Yes, all democracies are fragile.

But what do I know….

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