Employers say they can’t find workers

Source:  Life Inc. – Role reversal: Employers say they cant find workers.

“Employers are getting pickier and pickier,” Holmes said. “We want the perfect person to walk through the door.”Other experts also are seeing evidence that employers just aren’t working as hard to recruit workers, either because they can’t afford to or they don’t feel like they have to. Employers may not be looking far afield because they cant afford moving expenses. Employees may be less willing to move because of the housing bust.

I guess I am just showing my age here but at the beginning of my working years it seemed like employers hired and then trained their workers to match the job. Now days they seem to expect you to come on-board fully loaded and ready to fire.  Certainly there are many jobs that require an extensive education. Nuclear physics and fields like that come to mind in this area.

But many jobs can be learned with just a few weeks or maybe months of training. Why aren’t employers willing to hire and then train their workers anymore?  I think one answer to that is the idea of loyalty. They don’t think they will stick around after being trained. When I started working as an engineer for a “large communications company” in 1970 the workforce I entered contained many loyal workers. They knew that if they did their job their employer would take care of them and their families. Most expected to work their entire life for the company because they knew their employer cared for them.

Somewhere along the line this type of thing went out the window. It seemed to happen when companies started treating their employees as liabilities instead of assets! When that happened the basic relationship between workers and their bosses changed dramatically and as a result loyalty quickly disappeared.  This was about the time that the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degrees became the hot jobs. I like to blame everything bad that has happened to the Reagan administration so I will also put part of the blame on their deregulation fever. 🙂

Loyalty is just not part of the job description any more in the U.S.  We all see it everyday when we encounter “people behind the counter” of most businesses. Most really don’t care whether you like their product or service; they just want to get through the day and get their paycheck. If another job comes up that pays a little more they will quickly dump the job they have for it. Fortunately there are exceptions to this general trend. I try to go out of my way to praise someone who goes the extra mile for me. They need all the encouragement that can get it today’s world.

Can we ever get back to company/employee loyalty? Probably not to the extent that it was in my early working years but I think that if employers dumped a few of their MBAs and started treating their employees as assets again things might just change. There are a few companies out there that do that but they seem to be far and few between.

But what do I know…