Promise Everything / Deliver Nothing….


You know the platform will always be the same, promise everything, deliver nothing. – July 8, 1928   Will Rogers

Of course Will’s message above applies to both Republicans and Democrats and is equally applicable today.  You might even say this is the campaign theme for the Romney presidential run. The Mitt Romney of a couple of months from now will be nothing like the Mitt Romney of six months ago. He got the Republican nomination by promising to be just like the radical right core of his party. He lined up behind all their “anti” stands. Now that he seems the assured candidate he will undoubtedly be moving toward the political center.

One could argue that this is the same thing that happened to Barak Obama in the 2008 election. Those in his party were against Mr. Bush’s wars so he came out and said he would end them quickly after his election.  Many in his party were appalled by the fact that so many in our country were without healthcare so he vowed to provide of healthcare for all soon after he was elected.

I guess I could go back to almost any of the dozen or so presidential elections I have voted and find this the be generally the case. The candidates will promise absolutely anything to get elected and end up delivering nothing.  The biggest problem with this issue it that the typical American voter just never seems to “get it”. They, and I am including myself here, fall for all the rhetoric and then are distraught that none of this is implemented. So, when the circle is complete is it us, the voters, who are at fault with the current system.  We just are too fearful to change it as it needs to be changed.

But what do I know….

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