I Need a Breather…..

History ain’t what it is. It’s what some writer wanted it to be.  — Will Rogers

Ok, I’m a writer, not a very well-known one but a writer just the same. 😉  So, I am hereby proclaiming that all this political stuff  has disappeared for the next week or so. At least you won’t find any of it here during that time.  I need a breather from all that stuff.  Today I voted in our primary (as if it really means anything now) and now it is on to boycotting this stuff at least a week. I have done my civic duty and now it is time to shut down for a while.

Who knows I might enjoy the absence of politics so well that I never go back to it. But then again, if I do that then half of my joke material for this blog will disappear! About twenty some years ago I did the same thing with sports stuff and as a result have not watched a sporting event since. I just found better use of my time. Maybe the same will be true this time around?

As soon as all those yahoos have their conventions this summer it will be very hard to miss all the mud-slinging that I’m sure will happen. I don’t look forward to it but it will come whether I like it or not. If you want to join me in this week of political ignorance you are welcome. I think I will concentrate of what other folks have to say about growing old. Not much more enjoyable but at least it is different.

But what do I know…..

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