Free Speech….

Source: Democrats, GOP debate political non-profits’ donors –

Conservatives in Congress have mounted an aggressive drive to block new proposals aimed at unmasking anonymous donations to groups such as Crossroads GPS— which is spending $2 million this month alone on ads targeting McCaskill and two other Democratic Senate candidates. Crossroads GPS, affiliated with Republican strategist Karl Rove, does not have to reveal its contributors because it is a non-profit advocacy group, not a political action committee.

In a fiery speech last week, the Senate’s top Republican, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, denounced a Democratic bill in Congress that would require non-profit political groups to reveal their funders and accused President Obama and his campaign of Nixon-style dirty tricks to restrict opponents’ free speech.

I know I am boycotting politics now but sometimes something comes up that I must address and this is one of those times.  It is bad enough that the 1% can now spend unlimited amounts of money in our ever increasingly dirty politics but now they don’t want you to know just who is doing all the mud-slinging. They don’t want to bear responsibility for what they are paying millions for.

I certainly agree with free speech. I believe it is truly one of the foundational things that make this country what it is. But free speech does not mean you are not responsible for what you say.  I live in a small town of about 8,000 with a local newspaper. When I want to send a “letter to the editor” I am required to identify myself before doing that. But the guys who are putting  out millions of dollars in vitriol ads don’t think it is necessary for them to do the same? When just a small handful of people have already spent over $7 million to get one person out of office we need to be informed of who is buying so much political power.

I hope even some of my conservative friends will be in favor of disclosure in this instance. But I kind of doubt it. They seem to toe the line whenever their leaders tug their leashes, and that seems to be almost all the time now…. 🙂