Breaking Promises……

Source NYT: Lawmakers look for way out as defense cuts near – politics – The New York Times –

On Jan. 2, national security is set to receive a heavy blow if Congress fails to intervene. That is when a 10-year, $600 billion, across-the-board spending cut is to hit the Pentagon, equal to roughly 8 percent of its current budget.

The real test of a man is in his word. When a person says he will do something and then reneges on that promise he loses face.

What the politicians, especially those in the conservative party, seem to casually ignore about these across the board cuts is that all the social programs such as feeding the poor and help for the homeless gets the same 10% cut. I guess its Ok for the poor are but not for our already bloated war machine!! After all we spend more on our military than the other 95% of the world combined. It would be interesting to see the parallels in military funding and broken promises in the fallen Roman empire. They also insisted that military might was the top priority all the way to the end.

If these guys get away with reneging on their pledge/law and not cut our military budgets it will mean that all the social programs that take care of the “least of these” will have to take an even deeper cut. My conservative friends boast that we are a Christian nation and then take money away from the poor to give it to the war makers. Jesus taught us totally otherwise.  He blessed a lot of things but he didn’t bless the war makers.

How can we trust these guys if their word, let alone the things they pass into law, means nothing to them. It is past time for us to do some thorough house cleaning!!

But what do I know….


  1. Liberals believe in abortion through the third trimester.
    Liberals believe there should not be small businesses and everyone should belong to a union.
    Broad strokes are hard to take?
    Maybe a different way to term it would be…. Some conservatives I know. Or the few conservatives I see on tv Present….


    1. I also have conservative friends of all persuasions, and I have MANY friends and family in the military. I consider my self a progressive. I know MANY conservatives who are pro choice, and many republicans who are pro choice. According to the latest gallup poll well over fifty percent of americans are in favor of abortion rights (I am pro choice, not pro abortion). That said, I agree with you. for conservatives for some reason, the military industrial comples is untouchable-even though we have cut the numbers, closed bases and are paying for planes the pentagon doesnt want and cannot use.

      If youre going to make cuts that affect poor people (and in the long run the quality of life of all americans) then you have to cut other things as well. the bottom line is that the military has powerful senators who dont want the pork gone from their states (hello west virginia), and poor people have no advocates.

      I personally am in favor of raising taxes a small amount-but ive lived in a country where the advantages of higher taxes to the population are large.

      Without picking on Janette, I would suggest that when the church gets in the business of the state and private business, then the church (I assume she means the catholic church, because episcopalians do not ojbect), then they need to be willing to act as agents of such. the fact that I should be denied basic birth control because a catholic hospital is the only one available is absurd. If I go to a large university or work at one, I should have basic health care. YOu will note that Catholic lay workers, the ones who are in the trenches, agree. Its the bishops, who dont live in the real world who object. catholic lay and health workers are the ones who agree with the administration changes and say they are fair. But then again, most of them are mere women.

      Sorry about the soap box, feel free to cut if you need to,


  2. Good Morning Janette. If you think I am painting with too broad a brush I apologize for that but I don’t think my brush strokes are anywhere near as belligerent as yours above. I do use the term “my conservative friends” instead of all conservatives for your very reason. And yes, coming from a very red State, I have several conservative friends.

    BTW, this “liberal” does not believe in abortion in any trimester and I was a small business owner so I can speak directly to that.

    Sorry I hit a nerve with you on this post.


  3. Your conservative Christian friends profess that they are much more interested in taking away money from the homeless and poor and building up the military? Really? Do they profess giving up their social security or medicare?
    I am sorry about the broad brush- but I have been driven out of more than one liberal conversation for being pro life….or professing the need to keep the state out of Church affairs.


  4. Janette, I know you are a regular reader here so you know that I have been driven out of a church, not just conservations, because of my progressive stance on life. It stings both ways you know. Let’s not let things like this pollute our personal relationship. I enjoy hearing what you have to say about my posts. It makes me keep some things in a better perspective. I hope some of my thought do the same for you.


  5. Interesting how the topic of military spending cuts vs cuts social programs can turn around into defense of pro life and state vs church. This is one problem I also have listening to “some” conservatives…they muddy even the waters of national budget and finance by constantly preaching (I don’t know what else to call it) about their personal religious views. Janette, I hope I don’t sound too harsh, but I feel you are “extremely” defensive whenever the military is mentioned. It doesn’t take a financial whiz to know that cuts and reforms need to be made across the board….military and social programs. We need our congress to get their act together and act for all our sakes to keep the USA afloat. We all have a personal stake in this…whether it’s thru the military or Social Security or Medicare, education, etc…
    It’s hard to keep an open mind and to accept even small austerity measures that affect us personally. But that is what we must do, don’t you think?
    Please don’t take my head off!


  6. Thanks to all for this lively discussion; it is an interesting one 🙂

    After thinking about it some I am agreeing with Janette’s first post. I do sometimes paint with too broad a brush and put too many under my conservative blanket. When I say my conservative friends I am mainly thinking of two of them. They both claim to be very religious (as long as you agree with their definition of religious) and they both are very vocal about all the “free-loader” in our society. They demonstrate no compassion for anyone they tag with that label. Yes, I have asked one of them who is a senior if he has opted out of Social Security and his universal healthcare called Medicare. He simply ignores the question. Of course I realize that there are different levels of conservatives the same as there are different levels of progressives.

    But I also agree with Barb and Jane. When the church becomes very active in empire issues they must take what comes to them. It has to run both ways church/state and state/church. It can’t be a one way isolation. In my study of the history of Christianity I have found many instances where the church is very involved and linked to power of the empire.

    As Jane mentioned these types of topic do bring about some lively discussions. There are strong feelings across the spectrum. We should be sensitive to each others issues but that does not mean we should not speak of them.

    Enough said…… I promise the next few posts will not raise so much ire. But then again maybe they will 🙂


  7. I feel no ire. I hope you do not.
    Jane, my background is as a military wife/ teacher. We were stationed around the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong- with loads of traveling in between. I am very familiar with the difference between the military and the mercenaries that the “defense industry” is involved with. I’ve worked with Vietnamese refugees, homeless children, and many other areas of concern. I have taught from Native reservations to exclusive private schools.
    I am conservative as I see it. I uphold that the family is the source of strength along with God. I am a devout Christian who doesn’t darken the inside of a church often. I believe the faithful are responsible to do as much as they can for their fellow man. I also believe that when government gets involved it tends to take over the role of family and community. Government decides what to teach in schools. They distribute the food (which is often of poor quality). They wearhouse prisoners with little reform. They corrupt the legal system so a drug user gets more time than a murderer. Does the money we give mean our lives are better? I have seen little that I like from the big system. It tends to disengage the average person. Cut need to be taken with a scapel. There are so many programs that could be scrapped. Just remember the only real Constitutional use of taxes is National Defense…..
    I don’t like broad strokes. I am a conservative who votes my values…which does not mean I vote Republican. That is why I made the comment. Labeling people into camps is not good. Christians need to get out of that end of the blaming of politics…in my humble and winded opinion.
    Believe me, I am probably more closely aligned to you in values…but I have seen what big government can do…all over the world… and it brings me to more questions then answers.


  8. BTW- Barb- the Catholic Church learned its lesson about supporting the norm…in Germany and Poland. They feel that birth control is murder. It is their conviction.


  9. Janette, thanks for the response although it was kind of long winded 😉 but then again so am I. Yes, I know from your previous comments that we probably share many more of the values we each hold dear than those we disagree on. No, I also feel no ire.

    I think our major area of disagreement is the government. You seem to hold it in little regard and wish it would, for the most part, just go away. I see government as often misguided and sometimes corrupt but it is commissioned with doing the people’s business. Without it we would surely dive into anarchy quickly. While you seem to have given up on government I hold out hope that someday they will return to their core job of, as the constitution says, provide for the general welfare as well as the common defense.

    Please come back often we all need to hear differing opinions in order to keep us aligned with our core values.


  10. :>) Actually, I find the comment a bit humorous- since I was a civics teacher for many years and find that our government is one of the best I have ever witnessed.
    I feel that the Executive Branch has reached too far into local government. This is not this administration’s making- mostly Republican Presidents. Our cabinets (and in hand Departments) continue to grow. I also feel that the larger the federal government grows- people seem to disengage. Do you really see it differently? Do you see more people voting – or showing up for issues that they care about? The US government is about being part of instead of having it done to you….
    It is enjoyable to discuss. That is an important part of the government as well.


    1. Janette, I always enjoy discussing these things with you. It is nice to be able to have a civic, pun intended, conversation with someone who sees things a little differently than I do. Thanks for that.
      Like you say yes, our government is pretty bad but except when you compare it to everything else. As I think you know I was in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and I saw first hand the size of government and the associated lobbying groups. It is amazing how many buildings they take up there. I will be having a tongue-in-cheek post about how to fix that soon. Reagan went into office saying government was the problem and then increased its size and debt beyond almost every president before him. Go figure? But, of course he was just one of many…..

      Thanks for the thoughtful conversation…


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