A Wrong-Headed Idea…

Source: States explore new ways to tax motorists for road repair – USATODAY.com. States are looking for new ways of taxing motorists as they seek to pay for highway and bridge repair and improvements without relying on the per-gallon… Read More

The One Thing a Man Can Do Better Than a Woman…..

The one thing a man can do better than a woman is to grow a beard  – John Steinbeck (Travels with Charley) I am not used to pulling quotes from my hero John Steinbeck. That duty usually fall… Read More

Act Your Age!!!!

I don’t know how many times I have heard the title of this post. I defiantly don’t want people putting me in a pre-defined box! I guess that makes me ornery but I really don’t care. When someone… Read More

About Your Doctor…..

TODAY Health – Diet, Fitness and Wellness Blog | TODAY.com Blogs – Doctors behaving badly: 7 types to watch out for. This is a very interesting article about seven things you should watch out for in the doctor… Read More

Let the Democrats Emulate the Repbulicans

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is really the case then I say let the Democrats emulate the Republicans in their do-nothing attitude. There has been talk about the Senate Democrats letting… Read More

A Picture is…..

      If a picture is worth a thousand words this one is certainly it.  Our current congress is so afraid of the NRA that they panic when ordinary citizens bring up the topic of gun control…. Read More

Not Only The Next Generation….

via Ron Paul ‘Revolution’ strikes at GOP state parties – First Read. “Look at the next generation,” Paul said on MSNBC. “I mean, there is so much excitement out there. The big deal is that the next generation are… Read More

For The Good of the Nation

If we could just send the same bunch of men to Washington for the good of the nation, and not for political reasons, we could have the most perfect government in the world. – June 8, 1924  … Read More

On-The-Road Day 11 — Calling It Quits….

Here we are ending day eleven of our trip heading home. The were a few sites I had picked for visits today but my wife just isn’t feeling up to it. She has really not done well this… Read More

Emergency NRA Board Meeting…

Here I am heading toward Denver in a few minutes so the most recent gun slaughter is on my mind. I know President Obama will also be heading for Denver. I selfishly hope he doesn’t hold up my… Read More

On-The-Road Day 10 Canyonlands National Park

When we left Mesa Verde yesterday we headed northwest into Utah to visit Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonland is a very different place but also much like the Grand Canyon in its majesty. Here are some pictures: Have to… Read More

My Travels….

As I mentioned a few posts ago I somehow got myself into an extended FaceBook dialog with a friend about politics. It surprised me that he seems to hate our current president with such a venom that it… Read More

On-The-Road Day 8 –Thoughts about Mesa Verde

Today is a somewhat leisurely day for us. It is our last day at Mesa Verde so I thought I would give you an evaluation of our time here.   This has been one of my favorite vacations… Read More

A Crack in the Armor???

  Source: Boehner joins criticism of Bachmann over Clinton aide comments | World news | guardian.co.uk John Boehner, the leading Republican in Congress, has chastised his colleague Michele Bachmann over allegations she made linking a key aide of Hillary… Read More

On-The_Road Day 7 –Working 9 til 5…

For the last hundred years or more the average person went to work for a given number of hours and then went home to his family. He was paid for his efforts and used that money to provide… Read More

On-The-Road Day 6 — Can’t We Just Get Along…

Being as I recently saw that the person famous for this quote from the L.A. riots died the quote has been on my mind.  It seems that  just getting along is a hard thing to do now days…. Read More

On-The-Road Day 5 Mesa Verde – Spruce Tree House

No, the Spruce Tree House is not something up in a tree. It is one of the pueblo ruins found here at Mesa Verde. We made the trek down to it this morning about 9:00am shortly after it… Read More

On-The-Road Day 5 Mesa Verde Sunrise

Ok, call me a fool if you want but I was up at 5:30am this morning taking pictures of the sun rise. This was a trial run for later in the week when I get serious about it… Read More

On-The-Road Day 4 Mesa Verde

We are now settled down in our lodge room at Mesa Verde National Park. The photo below is looking out our room window. We plan to spend many hours out on our deck admiring it. The room and… Read More

Colorado On-The-Road Day 3 Cortez Colorado

Here we are settled in for the night at Cortez Colorado. We check in to the Mesa Verde National Park lodge tomorrow for our five-day R&R and spiritual regeneration. We spent today traversing the Rocky Mountains. It was… Read More

Kansas Homestead…..

Just a quick post this morning. I got up at 5:00AM (7am body time) so have been cruising the web for a few hours now.  I realize that I have been neglecting on part of this blog and… Read More

On-The-Road Colorado Day 2

We spent the last two days eating up blacktop. Traveled about 1200 miles and we are now in Pueblo Colorado.  We don’t usually like to travel via interstates but since we decided to get here as fast as… Read More

On The Road Again…..

Mesa Verde National Park Yes, starting today my wife and I are on the road again. This time we will be traveling by car to the great State of Colorado. The majority of our time will be spent… Read More

Get Over It……

Source:  Lew Says Republicans Should ’Get Over’ Health Law Debate – Businessweek In Massachusetts, where former Governor Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, implemented a similar law, just 1 percent of the population is subject to the… Read More


I was looking at my blog title and realized that I have not posted anything about the current quote contained there. If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out – Will Rogers… Read More