For that’s all there is to success is satisfaction. – July 29, 1928   Will Rogers

It really is as simple as what Will says here. If you are satisfied with your life and what you do then you are a success.

  • Some people equate success with how much money they earn.
  • Some, especially those in Washington and corporate boardrooms equate it with how much power they have.
  • Some say it is the number of Face book friends you have

Most definitions of success are based on material goods. Having the right car, home, money in the bank is what most of us think we need to be satisfied. The trouble with basing success on material things is there the definitions of enough is constantly changing. If we accumulate $200,000 then we think that $500,00 will give us satisfaction. It becomes a never-ending spiral and success is never really attained.

It is unfortunate that it takes many years to come to the realization that Will got it straight. You are a success when you are satisfied  with what you have.  The journey is really a minor part of the success battle.  We old-timers, like everyone else,  usually learn this lesson after the fact.

But then again if you are satisfied with only a few accomplishments are you aiming too low and depriving society of your contributions? Ahhh, there’s the rub…..

But what do I know….