I Wish He Had Succeeded……Huh???

Like for the first two days of the GOP convention I was trying to find a fact check article that had some substance but was pretty much unsuccessful.  It seems that Clint Eastwood’s rambling rants to an empty… Read More

Catholic Leaders And The Ryan Budget….

Source:  Catholic Leaders to Rep. Paul Ryan: Stop Distorting Church Teaching to Justify Immoral Budget | Faith in Public Life. “If Rep. Ryan thinks a budget that takes food and healthcare away from millions of vulnerable people upholds… Read More

Ryan’s Factual Shortcuts…..

Source: FACT CHECK: Ryan Takes Factual Shortcuts in Speech – ABC News. Laying out the first plans for his party’s presidential ticket, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took some factual shortcuts Wednesday night when he attacked President Barack… Read More

The Hawks….

Source: Paul Ryan weighs in on Middle East policy – First Read. He continued: “In the past day, Iran’s president called our ally Israel, quote, a cancerous tumor that must be excised. Let me be really clear. Under President… Read More

As Usual – Half Truths or Half-Lies….

Source:  Fact check: Christie’s keynote address – USATODAY.com. Christie: Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to end the debacle of putting the world’s greatest health care system in the hands of federal bureaucrats… Read More

Ayn Rand – Mr. Ryans Hero….

Source: Ayn Rand Railed Against Government Benefits, But Grabbed Social Security and Medicare When She Needed Them | Alternet. Ayn Rand was not only a schlock novelist, she was also the progenitor of a sweeping “moral philosophy” that justifies… Read More

Putting a Face On It…..

Source: Michael J. Fox’s new TV comedy is headed to NBC – The Clicker. NBC has ordered 22 episodes of the untitled single-camera comedy that will star Fox as a husband and father of three from New York City… Read More

Paul Ryan’s Peculiar Definition of Bipartisanship

Source: Paul Ryan’s Peculiar Definition of Bipartisanship – Businessweek. … Instead of getting rid of the fee-for-service model—Medicare as we know it, in which the government pays providers directly—and opening everything to the free market, Medicare would compete directly… Read More

Whose Responsibility???

I got into a discussion on FaceBook recently about Church/State responsibilities.  This one started out on a good friend of mine’s page where he stated: As a pastor I try to steer clear of citing personal preferences when… Read More


I am going to shake off my vanity and put a picture of me for this Saturday’s photo. When we lived in New Jersey I developed a definite taste for oysters on the half shell. But I don’t… Read More

Post office nears historic default on $5B payment – The Denver Post

Source: Post office nears historic default on $5B payment – The Denver Post. Government agencies have a well-earned reputation of moving slowly in response to changes. I think the Post Office is a prime example of that. Here are… Read More

No immediate bounce…

Source: Gallup: No immediate bounce for Romney after Ryan VP pick – Political Hotsheet – CBS News. I am just not following all this presidential stuff like I used to but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion… Read More

15 technologies we’ll still be using in 2030…

source:  15 technologies of today we’ll still be using in 2030 – Gadgetbox on NBCNews.com. This is a very interesting article about what the author thinks will still be around in 18 years.  It is kind of risky… Read More

The Job Creators and the Bailout…

I see that the outlying political super pacs otherwise known as the ultra-rich-radical-right are now hitting on Obama because it looks like the government might lose up to $40 billion in the bailout of General Motors.  They claim… Read More

Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe – USATODAY.com

Study: Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe – USATODAY.com. From Cape Hatteras, N.C., to just north of Boston, sea levels are rising much faster than they are around the globe, putting one of the… Read More

The “A” Word and Evangelicals….

I am going to talk a little about a tough one here and that is the “A” word. By that of course I mean abortion.  It seems to be the sole driving force for many voters in this… Read More


I took this picture somewhere in Kansas. I think this is the mother of all silos I have ever seen.  Lots of corn….

Public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts

Source: Public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts | iWatch News by The Center for Public Integrity. While politicians, insiders and experts may be divided over how much the government should spend on the nation’s defense, there’s a surprising… Read More

America’s Small Businesses….

I was a small business owner for six years after I retired from the big business corporate world. But being a sole proprietor with no employees I really don’t have a good view of just what small businesses… Read More


Elections are a good deal like marriages, there’s no accounting for anyone’s taste. – May 10, 1925   Will Rogers You did it again Will. You perfectly described an election eighty-seven years in the future. There is just no… Read More

On The Job Training….

From researching previous posts I know that most businesses no longer do much on-the-job training.  That is they don’t take a green horn and teach him the skills that are necessary to make him a valuable employee. It… Read More

Begin At The End…..

If you have anything to tell me of importance, for God’s sake begin at the end.    — Sara Jeannette Duncan,  1861-1922 I have never had any degree of patience in my life, especially now that I am… Read More

The Closed Door….

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.  — Helen Keller Helen Keller has always… Read More

My New Sonic…

Here it is Photo Saturday again. I decided to use it to give you a glimpse of my new Chevy Sonic. I have had it over a month now and simply love it.  This picture was taken as… Read More

Another Republican Moderate Gone… “The center cannot hold”

Source: First Thoughts: The center cannot hold – First Read. “I have reached the conclusion that the atmosphere today, and the reality that exists in the House of Representatives, no longer encourages the finding of common ground” “I have… Read More