About That Meal….

While on vacation recently we ate at a five-star restaurant at Mesa Verde.  When the meal came all the food was stacked in the middle of the plate. I know I frequently see that on the food cable channels but I never actually see people eat that food.  I know the stacking  is done because it is supposed to look better that way but how is it supposed to be eaten?  Are you supposed to un-assemble it so that it can be eaten or are you supposed to somehow pick through the layers to get what you want? I don’t eat at those types of restaurants often so I don’t know the answer to that question.

I grew up in the typical Midwestern family where each portion of supper resided on its own real estate on the plate. That way you could go to your left to get a piece of meat and to your right for a portion of potato. The vegetable almost always resided on the top portion of the plate.  Grampa Walters, who as a life long pig farmer, was famous for starting out with the traditional plate but then he proceeded to use his knife and fork to thoroughly mix everything together! He said it was all going to the same place so why shouldn’t it start out that way.

So, here I am faced with how to eat something that looks more like the Eiffel Tower than a dinner plate. Do I push everything over to where it “should” be or just what am I supposed to do with this artistic creation? I ended up moving things to their proper places on the plate. I hope the chef didn’t see me do this as I’m sure he would have been very disturbed that I didn’t respect his artistry.

By the way, the food tasted absolutely great once I got it where it was supposed to be…..

2 thoughts on “About That Meal….

  1. Very funny, well done! I’ve watched the changing dinner plate architecture with interest over the years. When it first started occurring, I thought it was a fad, sort of like the upside down Christmas tree that was all the rage her in O.C. for about a year. But, sadly, no, it does not appear to be a passing fad and I’ve learned to adjust.

    Although I still think the whole thing is really pretty pretentious,. 🙂


  2. Hi Tamara, In some ways it is kind of pretty but impractical. My wife frequently watches the satellite Food channels and that all do it now…..


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