With my ingrained altruist and “Follower of Jesus” worldview I am naturally drawn to and inspired by Sojourners magazine.  This month’s issue is centered about making sure those in impoverished neighborhoods have access to quality education.  I hope… Read More

Looking Down….

June 1998 — Here is a picture looking out of a window of the “Windows on the World” restaurant in the World Trade Center. It was our first of several visits there

Why Aren’t They Thanking Him???

I can’t understand why Ohio is supposedly one of the swing States in this election.  They have gone from 48th in Job creations in 2008 to 4th in 2012.  That is the most dramatic change of any State… Read More

A Monopoly On Good Things….

You know no Nation has a monopoly on good things, each one has something that the others could well afford to adopt. – November 30, 1930   Will Rogers I seem to be locked into the political mode lately… Read More

About That Debt….

I know there is a lot of fury going on now about how President Obama has increased the national debt. So, when I came across this graph it got my attention. I have had several ranters here lately… Read More

Military Spending Cuts…….

Here is another poll that shows when it comes to making cuts in Medicare or Social Security a big percentage of people think we should cut our bloated defense spending instead.  If we could somehow manage to get… Read More

Do Members of Congress and candidates know what you think???

Source: Recent email from FCNL (Friends Conference on National Legislation – Quaker) Do your members of Congress and candidates know what you think about Pentagon spending cuts? What they hear from you now could influence their decisions this December and… Read More

Is It Right????

  Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question, “Is it politic?” Vanity asks the question, “Is it popular?” But, conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” And there comes a time when one must… Read More

Vicious Retribution…..

Source: Pizza Man Bear Hugs Obama, Starts ‘Yelp’ Troll War – Yahoo! News. When Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Nuzer bear-hugged and hoisted President Obama off the ground during their brief meeting in Fort Pierce, Fla., Sunday, it… Read More

Lake Winnebago…

I just returned from a trip to northern Wisconsin. The picture above is from a large orchard adjacent to Lake Winnebago (shown in the background). We were there for a wedding but managed to get some touring in. Like… Read More

Mr. Romney Doesn’t Seem To Have a Clue….

via Romney ridicules Obama on ‘change’ remark – Political Hotsheet – CBS News. President Obama: “I think that I’ve learned some lessons over the last four years, and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change… Read More

There You Go Again….

via Romney Reframes Donor Remarks to Refocus on Economic Issues – Businessweek. Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, who is running for re-election in a close race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a former Harvard University professor, told The Hill newspaper:… Read More

My Word….

It used to be that a man’s word was the primary definition of his character. If you didn’t keep your word how could you be trusted with anything else? A man’s word was his word. But it seems… Read More

I Guess I Am One Of Them…. Or Maybe Two Of Them….

Source: Mitt Romney video fact check: Is 47 percent of US ‘dependent’ on government? – That is one of the questions that has been raised after Mother Jones magazine on Tuesday released a video of Republican presidential candidate… Read More

About Germany….

Why is it that Germany seems to be just about the only country in the world who is not struggling with a disappearing middle class? They are doing well in that regard because they are the most unionized… Read More

Who Wins???

Here is a quote from a letter I recently received from my friends at American Friends Service Committee ( Who wins when our country goes to war?  Defense contractors! Who profits from the highest imprisonment rate in the… Read More

Rules to Live By….

I got the above plaque from a Facebook friend’s page and it struck me as being filled with wisdom.  I don’t know who wrote it but it is certainly worth making note of. If any of us just… Read More

Summer’s End

    Here is a picture to celebrate summer’s end.

Romney’s America….

Since Hank convinced me to get off my butt and get involved in this coming Presidential election I will occasionally be  bringing up what I call “A grossly blatant political ad”.  I promise I won’t become a raving… Read More

Putting a Face on the Tea Party….

My regular viewers you know that I have recently had some discussions with a commentor on this blog named “Hank”. Of course since the Internet is a virtual gathering place I really don’t know for sure if Hank… Read More

Maybe We Vote For President For The Wrong Reasons….

I pride myself in frequently looking outside my box in this world. Yes, my life’s experiences pretty much, like everyone else, defines who I am but we must also try to look at things from a different perspective… Read More

Where Have All The Statesmen Gone, Long Time Passing…

A statesman is a man that can do what the politician would like to do but can’t, because he is afraid of not being elected. – July 5, 1934   Will Rogers I’m sure my fellow blogger over… Read More

Looking Back… Way Back…

Just a quick aside to make sure you see the Dave Granlund cartoon above. It needs no explanation!

Fact-checkers find exaggerations in Obama, Biden conventions speeches

via Fact-checkers find exaggerations in Obama, Biden conventions speeches | Fox News. President Obama and Vice President Biden made statements in their convention speeches about unemployment, Medicare and other issues that fact-checkers say appear inaccurate or at least misleading…. Read More

Inspiring Radical Thinking……

It is terrible to think what the churches do to men. But if one imagines oneself in the position of the men who constitute the Church, we see they could not act differently. The churches are placed in… Read More