And Then There Was The DNC…..

Since my altruist worldview points me more toward the Democratic party than the Republican I’m sure I will have more words about their convention than I did with the Republican convention.  I will hold off on the fact-check post until more half-truth/half-Lies are gathered.  I just want to make some overall comments about what I saw last night.

As has been pointed out by several media outlets the DNC seems to be much more vibrant than the RNC. I think part of that is  because the RNC was pretty much full-time against Obama and not so much for Romney whereas the DNC is pure enthusiasm for Obama. The RNC being “anti” plays very well into the obstructionist/do-nothing theme they have chosen for their party. But I was surprised at how much of a “red meat Republican attitude” prevailed in some of the speeches.  They seem to be doing a pretty good job of learning that technique from their adversaries and that is not particularly a good thing in my mind.

Two things caught my attention.  One was a comment from Julian Castro in his response to the Romney speech where Romney say he left his father’s shadow and struck out on his own after high school.  Julian Castro, who is the mayor of a major city and grew up pretty much in abject poverty said about Romney striking out on his own “He has no idea how good he had it!”  Yes, Mr. Romney left Michigan but he left to go to Harvard  for pre-paid law and MBA degrees. I’m sure unlike Mr. Castro, or even myself, Mr Romney never saw the inside of a dirty pan working in a commercial kitchen during his college years, or for that matter since then. I’m sure he never had to work a day while in college while so many of us had to work at a full-time jobs along with attending classes.

The second thing that caught my attention was from the Michelle Obama speech. I didn’t record the words but her statement basically said that when there is a door of opportunity opened to you do don’t slam the door behind but instead hold it open for others to come through. Of course by this statement I think she was inferring that Mr. Romney who was brought up in a very privileged environment just doesn’t see the need to hold the door open for others.  He thinks everyone should just have to beat it open as he claims he did. 😉  He and Mr. Ryan as part of the deficit reduction plans want to reduce, not increase,  student aid programs and money to keep our educational institutions world-class. Mr. Romney just doesn’t seem to have the empathy for those like me or Mr. Castro in our younger years. He just doesn’t know how good he had it compared to so many many others.

Like the Republican conventions there were a lot of “half-truths” thrown about. I will get to them in a later post.