All Rich Guys Think They are Infallible….

via Jack Welch: I was right about jobs report – Oct. 9, 2012. Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, had previously contributed content to Fortune, but following critical coverage of his comments on the jobs report and tenure… Read More

Its All In The Editing….

Now that I have passed the 1,000 post mark on this blog and have managed to get a regular and growing following I thought I would give you some “secrets”on blogging.  Even though I am just an ordinary… Read More

Where the candidates differ on foreign policy…. thank heavens….

via Due Diligence: Where the candidates differ on foreign policy – CBS News. The president wants the military to focus more on nontraditional threats like al Qaeda, and no longer wants the United States to serve as the world’s… Read More

Celebrating Two Personal Milestones Today…

I am putting aside my usual Sunday post about things that inspire me in order to tell you about two milestones that are happening today in my life. The first milestone is that today is my 66th birthday… Read More

War Jobs vs Peace Time Jobs….

Source: Defense cuts could further dim US jobs picture – Life Inc.. There are thousands of civilian jobs related to the war effort, and cutbacks in defense spending have already led to reductions in these defense-related jobs, including direct… Read More

A Powerful Moderate Republican Backs Obama….

via Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president – CBS News. When he took over the country was in very, very difficult straits. We were in the one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close… Read More

The Light at the End of the Tunnel…. Finally…..

Here we are twelve days away from the election! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that each election, especially when a president is on the ballot, gets uglier and uglier…. Read More

I am War Weary…….

I saw a statistic  somewhere that said that 68% of U.S. citizens are war weary.  I am certainly one of them.  Neither party seems to shy away from sending our kids and/or our dollars to fight in this… Read More

Big Money….

‎[Republicans] take care of big money for big money takes care of them. – 20 September 1931  Will Rogers I don’t think that even Will would have dreamed that we would one day have something called “Citizens United”…. Read More

RJ’s Doctrine….

Tonight is, thank heavens, the last debate for this presidential season. It will be on foreign policy. I can tell you in advance what will happen. Each side will tear into the other saying their opponents foreign policy… Read More

If God Is Love… (Part1)

I am going to start a series of posts around quotes from some of the many books I have read. One of the favorites is the book “If God is Love” by Philip Gulley. Here is the quote… Read More

Freehold Diner…

We have been away from New Jersey for over twelve years now and are quite settled again in our Indiana home. But there are still some things about N.J. that I miss.  One of those are the diners… Read More


When you put down the good things you ought to have done, and leave out the bad ones you did do well, that’s Memoirs. – Will Rogers I think almost all of us who have ever put pen… Read More

More Brainy Stuff….

I can’t seem to shut my brain off with all this change talk the last few posts. Hopefully this is the last post in this area. Here are some more basic things that need to change in our… Read More

How About Some Changes….

I guess I am still fixated on the post from yesterday about how so many very sparsely populated States in the U.S. now have so much power. It seems that our country is quite out of balance right… Read More

The Great American Desert….

The West has got lots of open country but none that you can live on. – October 1, 1933  Will Rogers Of course when Will talked about the “West” I’m sure he was not talking about the States… Read More

Mr. 3.75 Percent

Source: Mr. 3.75 Percent – By Daniel Altman | Foreign Policy. One political leader who likes to plan for the really long term is Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for U.S. vice president. By 2050, Ryan’s budget plan would… Read More

That Bearded Guy Up There…..

I am starting a new category here for some Sunday posts. As some of you know I have been blogging about living by the red letters, meaning the words of Jesus found in the Bible, for several years… Read More

Grand Canyon

This was my second visit to the Grand Canyon in December 2005. We stayed at the park lodge just fifty feet away from this view. That is one of my dirty little secrets that park lodges are often… Read More

What do the Republican Party and the Christian Church Have in Common???

Religion and politics together!!  Boy am I asking for it. But, thank heavens I am not going to be talking about abortion (I have done that more than enough lately).  Maybe I am going to talk about how… Read More

Mighty Rich But….

We can get mighty rich, but if we haven’t got any friends, we will find we are poorer than anybody. – June 1, 1930  Will Rogers I am totally embarrassed that it has been so long since I… Read More

The jobs are there, the education is not…

Source: The jobs are there, the education is not – This disparity has come to be known as the “skills gap” — the divide between the jobs American businesses need to fill and the jobs Americans are qualified… Read More

The Good Old Days……

I am a senior citizen so I guess it expected of me to occasionally talk about the good old days. Generally I believe that most things in life continue to get better as time goes by so the… Read More

The Chameleon….

Source: Romney on ’47 percent’: I was ‘completely wrong’ – politics – Decision 2012 | NBC News. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has described his disparaging remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes… Read More

Being Right….

One of the inspiring lessons I have learned in the last few years is about being right.  To start this post I want to re-post a little about what I said about being right a couple of years… Read More