The Light at the End of the Tunnel…. Finally…..

Here we are twelve days away from the election! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that each election, especially when a president is on the ballot, gets uglier and uglier. There just seems to be so much hate in our country now and that is truly scares me at times.

Twelve days and we will finally be finished with all these negative ads costing billions of dollars telling us why we should be against someone but little about why we should vote for the other guy on the ballot. I just saw some yard signs like the picture here in several yards in my neighborhood.  The Republican party’s mascot is the elephant and of course we all know that an elephant never forgets (all of us believe in all those clichés don’t we).  As I am getting older in years I definitely am forgetting things but I don’t forget who caused so much of our current problems.

The Republicans want us to forget that President Bush caused a large spike in our debt by putting two unnecessary wars “off the books”. In case you forgot look at the headline banner and the corresponding post on the top of this blog.  The other major problem that came to a head  and was handed to President Obama was the near meltdown of our financial system due to deregulation that occurred in the early part of this new century all during Mr. Bush’s watch and with the approval of a congressman now on the presidential ticket.

So when I see the sign about having enough I get the urge to get out of my car and change it as shown here. Lets never forget who got us into all this mess. Lets never forget all jobs bills that were prevented from seeing the light of day due to Republican filibusters. Lets never forget the near financial meltdown because of all the regulations on the bankers were removed.

I have had enough of all those things so I am ready to vote all the perpetrators out of office. Now I’m not saying that the Democrats don’t have to take any of the blame here; there is certainly enough to include even them. But I have had enough of all this obstructionism for the sole purpose of removing a president from office.  It took them eight years to get us into this mess and now they are yelling to throw President Obama out because he has not fixed it all in four years!

Twelve days and counting. I can’t wait. But in reality whatever happens on election day probably won’t matter too much. Whoever is in office will likely face the same thing. That just seems to be the world we live in now and will continue to be as long as we forget how we got here and don’t try to do anything about it.  Those guys in Washington are like little kids in a school yard.They need to be taught how to get along with each other. They need some tough love….. Let’s give it to them in the coming election….

2 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel…. Finally…..

  1. Is there early voting in your state? That might relieve some of your anxiety. I’ll be praying for the best outcome for the country. I have NO idea what that looks like!


    1. Good morning Janette. Yes there is early voting but I always vote on election day when I get in line with my fellow voters to decide who are representatives are. It is just a ceremony thing for me.

      The anxiety really comes from the question “will the voters reward the obstructionists by giving them control?” That seems insane. If the Democrats had done what the Republicans did for the sole reason of getting a Republican out of the white house I would be voting them out of office too. That is NOT how a democracy works. That is what I am anxious about. Are we now rewarding bad behavior??….


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