A Real Sweet Deal…

Source:  Hostess to Seek Approval for Executive Bonuses – ABC News. Hostess Brands Inc. plans to ask for a judge’s approval Thursday to give its top executives bonuses totaling up to $1.8 million as part of its wind-down… Read More

The Pit And The Pendulum….

source:  Romney: Obama won by giving “gifts” to voter blocs – Political Eye – CBS News. In a phone call with his presidential campaign’s financial backers, Mitt Romney today said he lost the election to President Obama because of… Read More

They know it is painful; they know it is damaging but….

Some call them sexy; some call them erotic. I call them gross!!!! I’m sorry ladies but I simply can’t understand why you torture yourselves so much? Do you think if you are six inches taller people will be… Read More

Those Words….

Source: Sojourner Mail November 16, 2012 The day after the election, Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler said, “I think this was an evangelical disaster.”  Not really. But it was a disaster for the religious right, which had again tied… Read More

About The Debt…

We are three billion in the hole and will be three billion more next year, and not a Congressman has got the nerve to ask voters to pay part of it.  —  January 29, 1933    Will Rogers… Read More

Power to the People…..

source:  Nonwhite voters and changing values make 2012 election pivotal – Los Angeles Times. The 2012 election marked the point at which a new American electoral coalition solidified its hold on politics, one built on the country’s growing… Read More

Bumper Sticker Says It All…..

I know I promised to move away from politics but when I saw this bumper sticker last week I couldn’t resist showing it to you. Especially because it was in Indiana which is a very red State. It… Read More

Karl Rove on why Romney lost: Obama was ‘suppressing the vote’

Source: Karl Rove on why Romney lost: Obama was ‘suppressing the vote’ – CSMonitor.com. “He succeeded by suppressing the vote, by saying to people, ‘you may not like who I am, and I know you can’t bring yourself to… Read More


Many times Will Rogers’ words are an inspiration to me. Of course he saw a lot of prejudice in his times. Maybe more so than even I do today. When I found these words from him about intolerance… Read More

The Impossible Cycle…


Metamora Indiana….

Metamora used to be quite an active tourist area in the 1960s and 70s but is now just a shell of what it was.

I Got Some Explaining to Do……

I have some explaining to do here. In alignment with making a new design for this blog and this morning’s post about remaking ourselves I am making a new commitment to going back to the roots of this… Read More

Remaking Ourselves….

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves. — Gandhi When I was… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving….

While this post is being automatically published I am busy working in the Backstreet Soup Kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving for those homeless and financially challenged in my area.  I can’t think of a better place I would want… Read More

What Happened To You John???

John, I can’t tell you how unhappy I am to see what you have become. I so admired you in the past.  You were the self-proclaimed “maverick” in the senate. You were a moderate when so many of… Read More

Turning Human???

The whole thing seems too good to be true, but the whole world is changing, so maybe they are going to turn human. – May 18, 1933    — Will Rogers Sometimes I like to “talk” with my heroes…. Read More

Separation of Church and State — Taxes

Source: Churches and Taxes – ProCon.org. US churches received an official federal income tax exemption in 1894, and they have been unofficially tax-exempt since the country’s founding. All 50 US states and the District of Columbia exempt churches from paying property… Read More

The Separation of Church and State — The Founders Views…

I am going to do a couple of posts here on a pretty controversial topic and that is church and State. I just finished three months worth of political posts so I thought I might as well tackle… Read More

Eternal Peace…

Several years ago I came across a small book entitled Quaker Spirituality – Selected Writings. I’m still not sure what made me pause on the title but I am glad I did. Inside that book was an essay by… Read More

A Box of Eggs…..

It is not everyday that you see such an assortment of eggs🙂   I discovered this one at the Historical Center in Des Moines in 2010. Thought you might find it interesting.

I’m Just a Blue Collar Guy…..

I don’t know if everyone who reads my blog knows what a “blue-collar guy” is (or at least my definition of it)? In my middle years in the 1960s, 70s, and early 80’s that meant the guy who… Read More

Mr. President, Keep Your Promises!

Here is a letter from my Quaker friends at AFSC that I thought you might be interested in. If enough of us speak out we might just be able to force some of the politicians to actually do… Read More

Amber Lights…

  But every one of us write our own history. If it sounds better the way we want it than the way it might have been why that don’t stop us any more than an amber light. –… Read More

A Real Leader Leads……

Source: Boehner’s GOP Problems Complicate Deficit Negotiations – ABC News. House Speaker John Boehner is about to begin another attempt at a grand bargain deficit reduction deal with President Obama, a high wire act in which he will be… Read More

The World is Ending….

Here is my favorite cartoon about the 2012 election results. Whenever the minimum wage is raised there are those who claim it will cost millions of jobs and basically cause the end of the USA. Now that President… Read More