No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote!!

Source: No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote – Andrew Cohen – The Atlantic.

For example, what happened this weekend in Florida is simply unacceptable. According to a local election official interviewed by CBS News’ Phil Hirschkorn, the last “early voter” in line for Saturday’s truncated early voting in Palm Beach County finally got to cast a ballot at 2:30 a.m Sunday morning, which means that voter waited in line for more than seven hours.

This is just not right! I don’t care if you are a conservative or a progressive, your right to vote is sacrosanct to a democracy. Why can’t Florida get things political right?  I have a brother who lives in Florida and he and his wife are much troubled by this sort of publicity. They are quite embarrassed by it.

Some say the conservative politicians in Florida actually cause these sort of things on purpose! They say the districts that have the long lines almost always go Democratic.   I don’t know if that conspiracy theory is valid or not but all Floridians should be very upset by this and demand action to prevent it. If we allow someone to stifle votes we are on the verge of destroying the very fabric of democracy. It happens in third world countries; it should never happen here!  Early voting is sometimes the only way a person who can’t get off work on Tuesday can vote.  Don’t deny them that privilege.

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