Some Personal Musings About the Elections…..

I was up until almost 3:00am last night watching the returns and speeches. Being one to pretty much get up when the sun comes up I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I hope to make that up with a longer than usual afternoon nap. 🙂  So forgive me for any typos on these very unusual write and immediately posted words.  Here is what I brought away from the past twenty-four hours.

  • It amazes me how accurately we can predict elections in advance now.  Of course there are the biased party affiliated polls that skew the results to their favor but if you get away from those the others do a pretty good job. All the GOP were hitting on Nate Silver this week about his prediction that Mr. Romney had an 8% chance of being elected!  It turns out he, as usual, got it pretty much right.
  • While waiting for all the polls to close there was a lot of analysis that went on. Much of it was how the GOP is now pretty much a party of “rural old white guys” and that if that demographic keeps up they will go the way of the dinosaur.  I sat back and said I am a “rural old white guy” but I am definitely not aligned with the current GOP in almost any respect right now!  I wonder how many others like me are out there who buck this categorization. I pride myself in being a contrarian and that is certainly the case here. Speaking of rural old white guys I wonder how Mitch McConnell will handle the election results? Will he remain the extreme obstructionist that he has been up till now? He is up for election in two years so now he has a personal stake in changing his ways.  We can only hope….
  • President Obama had an impressive victory when you count up the electoral college but again the country remains pretty much split with the popular vote. I wonder just what makes up the difference between the red and the blue States? At first glance is seems to be the red States are pretty much rural, low population States but what other differences are there?  I think I need to study this some more to see if I can discern a basic difference.  Of course I will let you know the results of this latest project as it unfolds.
  • It seems the Tea Party took a pretty big thumping and I am glad to see that. I was very pleased to see their candidate for the Senate in my state of Indiana was defeated.  I see that the Tea Party’s main candidate for president, Michele Bachmann, barely squeaked by in her congressional race. I hope the GOP moves away from all those folks and more toward the center of their party. I also hope that some of them have the guts to step away from the altar of Grover Norquist and allow an appropriate mix of spending cuts and restoration of tax rates on the rich to where they used to be.  If they stubbornly refuse to compromise on this issue I think they will pay dearly in the 2014 elections.
  • I am very much in favor of a strong two-party system in our country. If the GOP continues on the track that they are presently on they will endanger that concept but if they can control the radicals in their party they just might live to see another day. I am a fiscal conservative so I wish them luck in that regard. I am also a social progressive so I am excited about the Democratic victories in this election.