Many times Will Rogers’ words are an inspiration to me. Of course he saw a lot of prejudice in his times. Maybe more so than even I do today. When I found these words from him about intolerance I found them indeed inspiring.  No explanation is needed. These words stand on their own today as much as they did in Will’s day.

I have sometimes wondered if the preachers themselves have not something to do with intolerance. You hear and read a sermon nowadays, and the biggest part is taken up by knocking or trying to prove the falseness of some other denomination. They say the Catholics are damned, that the Jew’s religion is all wrong, or that the Christian Scientists are a fake, or that Protestants are all out of step.

Now, just suppose, for a change they preach to you about the Lord and not about the other fellows’ church, for every man’s religion is good. We are all trying to arrive at the same place according to our own conscience and teachings. It don’t matter which road you take  –  March 11, 1923    Will Rogers

7 thoughts on “Intolerance….

    1. Oh Janette, I think you are just too much of a pessimist sometimes. As you often accuse me I think you are painting with much too broad strokes here. I see some very bright young people who are, even at their young ages, working to make this a better world. Not everyone sees life as trouble and damned. Even after the Obama victory 🙂


  1. As in politics, religious leaders and their followers have egos. Their identity and their self esteem relies on being “right”. To be right…someone else must be wrong. Right? If, as Will said, leaders would just share the teaching and the wisdom without the condemning we might all find our way to a more understanding and tolerant world. We can only dream.


  2. You misread me—- :>)
    I have seen the decline faster in the last ten years then any other time that I have taught.
    There are many excellent people out there. From somewhere they gain their structure (many of my students say their grandparents), but as those people and those stories die off- and the replacement is “me and me alone”.

    I work with students all the time. I see fewer and fewer choosing any path to God because none of the paths are perfect. They are rejecting religion overwhelmingly because they see religion as intolerant- because they are told that daily from people like you (not you specifically- but there are many people like your “intolerance speak” in education). You call it intolerance–I call it basic rules for society – do not steal, kill or cheat your way into success. Those are disappearing.
    Ten years ago my students thought it was all right to steal a donut. My last survey went up past items of clothing or “taking” things from family members (especially elders) that they “wanted” was ok. Same age group.
    I think that it is a slippery slope because religion gives a structure for helping to form the conscience. With the structure a person can then branch off to seeing how to take on the calling for themselves. BUT if there was no structure, no religious stories of anything, then the structure falls apart. When I bring up some basic values I am mocked as a Christian Right (although they do not know my religious background or political bias- but then I think you think of me that way as well sometimes). My callings are basic humanity—take care of each other, if you are going to have a child–marry the other parent and support the child, feed the hungry and share what you have, take care of those in need. Totally right wing I guess. Intolerant to be sure.
    I enjoy the banter. I just wish that someone would see what damage the banter does in front of the next generation.


    1. Yes, it is sad that Christians in general are now labeled as radical conservatives to much of the younger generations. I have a post on Thursday relating to that. Where do the young get morals besides from religion? Are there any civics classes done anymore? I hope that the majority still get them from their parents but I know there are those who don’t.

      I saw an interesting post recently by a special ed teacher who thinks that all the kids need “life” lessons (I forget the term she used) and not just those with special needs. Probably some truth to that.

      But I will never accept that people should quit asking questions, no matter how old they are, just because some think it is leading to a moral decline. When we stop asking questions we are doomed as a society, religion or no religion.


  3. I had an interesting discussion today. I wrote about it.
    I think it highlights what I am seeing.
    And no—Civics is a thing of the past. Teachers are no longer allowed to teach “their morals” to the group.


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