Techie Titans …

Source: In Memoriam: 9 Tech Titans Who Died in 2012 | Wired Enterprise | He was just one of several tech titans who died over the past year. None had the name recognition of a Steve Jobs —… Read More

Giving Up the Mouse…..

Dexter, our cat has been chasing a mouse around the house for the last few winter days. When he does he gets Beulah our sixty pound basset hound all excited and involved in the chase. It is funny… Read More

You Either Write or Live

  Some time ago I came across a blog from a Romanian blogger named Cristian Mihai that got my attention. On many of his posts he seems much too mature for his twenty-two years.  But then other times… Read More

You Are Punished By Your Anger, Not For Your Anger…

  You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger. Let a person overcome anger by love. Hate is never ended by hatred but by love. — Buddha — These words could… Read More

Following Their Principles…..

It seems we hear a lot about how the Republicans say they can’t vote for this or for that because they must “follow their principles”.  The trouble with all this is that they don’t want any government so… Read More

Christmas Birds

This is one of my favorite shots from the recent blizzard. When snow covers the ground the cardinals and a few bluejays are frequent visitors to our old apple tree in the back.  They await their turn at… Read More

Home for the holidays: Fewer US troops are absent this year…

  Source: Home for the holidays: Fewer US troops are absent this year – When President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama issued a special holiday greeting over the weekend to US troops fighting overseas, they were addressing… Read More

Grover Predicts….. And So Do I….

Source: Norquist: Tea party resurgence if no “fiscal cliff” deal – Political Eye – CBS News. Grover Norquist is predicting that President Obama will be the political target of tea partiers if a deal on averting the “fiscal cliff”… Read More

The Right Tool….

I am a tool guy. I have had many of them throughout my life. My barn is stuffed with specialized tools I purchased when I had a cabinet making business. I am also a firm believer in the… Read More

Being A Contrarian….

Being that we are coming upon the end of another year I am in a self-reflections mode. I admit that much of what I post about is the result of reading a post or article about something and… Read More

White Out in Indiana….

We have a white out here at the homestead so I will be hunkering down with a picture puzzle and a keyboard today but not at the same time, I don’t believe in multitasking.🙂   We knew it… Read More


I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow. —  Woodrow Wilson I know Ben Franklin said to be neither a lender or a borrower but simply speaking he was just… Read More

Happy Holidays….

Being a Christian I was taught to be very much offended when I ran across the words “Happy Holidays” as that somehow diminished the real meaning of the season. But after I came across a blog post recently… Read More

The Pro-Scrooge Christmas Story….

Source:  Conservatives urge GOP leaders to be bold, prepare to go over cliff – The Hill’s On The Money. “I think Obama is very mindful of his legacy and is horrified of going over the cliff,” said Andy… Read More

Turning back….

  “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.” —… Read More

NRA Solution to Gun Violence — More Guns

Source:  NRA press conference: Put armed guards in schools (+video) – Mr. LaPierre offered the NRA’s assistance in putting together safety programs in schools that include arming security personnel. Very  the long-awaited response from the NRA relative… Read More

Mackinac Island

  Island House Hotel – A nice place to stay while visiting Mackinac Island.  

It Is, But It Isn’t…..

Source: What counts as a tax hike? Not Boehner ‘fallback’ plan, says antitax group – The keeper of the GOP’s antitax oath has rendered judgment on House Speaker John Boehner’s fallback “fiscal cliff” plan that would allow Bush-era… Read More

Boredom, My Personal Journey …. Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post about boredom and apathy. In high school not much changed as far as a lack of a challenge. One of the things I did enjoy there was writing essays. That… Read More

Good At Complaining But Not Good At Solutions….

  “The devil is in the details” is a well-known quote that definitely applies in all this “fiscal cliff” talk going on recently. The congress in our version of government has the power of the purse. They determine… Read More

Boredom, My Personal Journey — Part 1

Here are some words from a fellow blogger’s page that I kind of borrowed.  Thanks Syd for the idea: York University professor John Eastwood explains that boredom is just “wanting to, but being unable to engage in satisfying… Read More

The Fiscal Slope….

Source:  The “fiscal cliff” isn’t a cliff at all – CBS News. Here is an interesting article that explains why the “fiscal cliff” is so falsely named. If you are still not clear about this I would encourage… Read More

Ignorance and Fighting….

The more ignorant you are the quicker you fight. 12 August 1929   Will Rogers I must admit that I am a wimp when it comes to fighting. The last time I had a physical fight was when I… Read More

The Balance????

According to news reports,  sales of the AR-15 are up dramatically in the last few days. How pitiful is that!!!!

The Slippery Slope…..

  I am totally sick of the “slippery slope” that my conservative friends so often cling to!! If I hear another person give me a slippery slope story I just might punch them. The idea of the slippery… Read More