Falling Behind ….. Again

Source: Survey: U.S. global competitiveness falls again – USATODAY.com.

The United States’ ability to compete on the global stage has fallen for the fourth year running as confidence in the country’s politicians continues to decline. The finding is from an annual survey from the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Of the top 10 nations, the Netherlands and Germany have moved ahead of the U.S. The U.S.’ ranking dropped two places to seventh this year, the WEF says.

It is sad to see that the U.S. is falling behind in yet another metric. Our manufacturing base is quickly dwindling. Almost everything we buy now comes from outside our shores.  Our healthcare cost us more than any other country and still we die younger than many. Our military eats us so
much more of our resources than any country on earth. We are building up massive debts to maintain our “policemen of the world” status.  Our general happiness level continues to decline year after year. Are we on the backside sliding down on being a global leader? Will we be the 21st century version of Great Britain who lost superpower status so quickly a century before? I don’t know the answer to those questions but I do know we need to address the underlying problems.

It is interesting to discover from the source article that Germany and the Scandinavians have moved ahead of the U.S. in global competitiveness. Of course as I mentioned before both of these countries that have a strong middle-class due to stiff government regulations on their industries. They are also some of the highest taxed since they have strong social programs in place. Scandinavians are known to be the happiest and the healthiest countries on earth.  Perhaps part of that is because of marijuana being legal?  We might find out if that is true soon enough 😉

I try to find a silver lining in all my dark clouds in life so here goes. We are still the world’s largest economy and our status as a global innovation powerhouse is firmly in place. We are still the most diversified population on earth and for the most part we celebrate that diversity. That is probably one of our strongest points as a country. We need to be constantly building from that.

But there is a significant portion of us who just don’t go along with that celebration idea. Unfortunately many in that group are among the current power and money holders in our land.  As Ayn Rand taught them they want to separate themselves into “makers” and call everyone else the “takers”. They want to blame all our problems on the “takers” when in reality much if not most of it resides with that very small and elite group. As evidenced by our current congressional fights they want to divide us into small fractured groups battling against each other so that they can maintain their hold of power. We have to do whatever it takes to wrestle our country away from the nay sayers and give it back to ordinary people. That is where the true power should reside.

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