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Source: How Does Your State Rank for Women in Power? – ABC News. Colorado is leading the pack with the highest percentage of female legislators serving. In 2013, Colorado will have 41.5 percent state House representatives who are female (27 female out of 65 total) and 40 percent state Senate members (14 out of 35). Thirty are Democrats and 11 are Republican….

But not all states in the union are as progressive. At the bottom of the list is Louisiana, which has only 16 women serving on the state level, making it the least progressive state in terms of female representation. Trailing along with Louisiana are South Carolina and Alabama which collectively only have 42 female representatives.

Women in Power There are some interesting statistics in this article about women in power. Not much of it is really that surprising to me though. Colorado seems to be the new “California”on today’s scene. That is it seems that Colorado is the State to look at when ever you are trying to discern progressive trends. Up until recently Colorado was considered a fairly safe “red” State. To the lament of the GOP that has been changing quite quickly lately.

Of course Indiana is as usual in the bottom third for this particular progressive trend. I would have been surprised to see it anywhere else.  The bottom three are Deep South States; again not surprising at all.  As expected about two thirds of the women in legislatures are in the Democratic party.  The delegates to the national conventions of each party pretty much come from local politics and looking over the GOP convention last summer I guess I am surprised to see  even 35% in the that party.

But maybe we should step back and look at the big picture here.  I am a “big picture” guy so that is what I naturally do. 🙂  Maybe there are so few women in politics today because they have enough sense to realize that being a politician is just not worthy of their time. There are much more important ways to effect social change.  All the politicians seem to do lately is sit around and yell at each other and complain about the “other” party;  nothing seems to be accomplished in that realm anymore.  Maybe women just see politics for what it is and decide to say “no thanks”.

4 thoughts on “Women in Power….

  • I can’t help but think that gender stereotypes are still alive and well. Women are listened to most often when social issues are on the table, but when it’s talk of military or finance the men seem to take over. And maybe that’s justified, particularly on the military stuff. I don’t know. The media just takes men more seriously on these topics. And too, the men in Congress tend to stay for their lifetimes and support other men. Women just haven’t been around nearly as long and it’s tough to run against a veteran. You also rarely see young women running for office….it seems more common for women to step up later in life which puts them at a disadvantage. But, as in all things, time will probably even out this situation too. Minnesota does pretty well, even Michelle Bachmann I’m sorry to say.
    Those are the thoughts that come to mind…wish I could write better…but you get my drift.


    • Oh Jane, you do very well in stating your opinions and I happen to agree with most of them. I think one thing that is seriously missing is women’s input on military things. They would add a sense of sanity to that process. There is just way too much testosterone in those decisions.

      I don’t know what it will take to get younger women more involved in politics but I think it is sorely missing. Social issues seem to take a back burner and that is a dreadful shame.

      Yes, Minnesota, according to the chart, does very well in this category and that is great.


  • You always amaze me, rod, how with it you are with the current scene. Now, I know why you and I did not fit the two finger glove in our one time community. Some people think and some people feel safer not expressing their own views. I think you would be an ideal leader in some sort of social helping organization. Your true understanding of the human condition is what is needed in this world!


    • Thanks again for the kind words Mary. Yes, I find I have great difficulty fitting in anywhere that I am asked to check my intelligence at the door before I enter. That seemed to be the case with what you are mentioning.


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