I Don’t Have Adobe Flash….

For those of you who don’t know what Adobe Flash is it is an add-on to your web browser that allows you to view all the videos around now. But, it also is used to make many of… Read More

It Is Not Just “All Talk”….

  Source: Republican Re-Branding: The ‘Happy Party’? – ABC News. “We want to build a massive party that’s exciting, that smiles, has a good message across America, and that’s what you’re going to see,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince… Read More

Thomas Edison hologram chats at Detroit Auto Show…

Source: Thomas Edison hologram chats at Detroit Auto Show – CBS News. Past met present at the auto show Monday when a holographic image of Thomas Edison was used to promote vehicles from electric truck and van maker VIA… Read More

Republicans and Innate Goodness….

Source: https://rjscorner.net/2012/02/27/where-are-you-john-sherman-when-we-need-you/ It seems literally impossible for another Republican to take charge of these types of matters (controlling fraud and abuse). Most of those folks are just too beholding to big business to ever try to reign them in…. Read More

Why Pentagon won’t say how it would cut $55 billion

  Source: Why Pentagon won’t say how it would cut $55 billion starting Jan. 1 – CSMonitor.com. One reason is because the Pentagon would then have to show its cards, some argue. That is, it would have to tell… Read More

How Little Money…..

  It’s surprising how little money we can get along on. – March 9, 1933  Will Rogers From the date above it is obvious that Will penned these words during the height of the Great Depression. Many people… Read More

Wordle….. Behind The Speeches….

Source: Behind Inaugural Speeches, Meaningful Words | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine. Wordle is an application that takes text from any source and enlarges words that appear more frequently. Conversely, words that are smaller appear less frequently. Small… Read More

A Sign Of The Times….

When we moved into our 1925 farmhouse almost 13 years ago there was not much of its original charm left. The previous owner had pretty much stripped it out and did a pretty poor job of even that…. Read More

Assault Weapons…

Yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation (S. 150) that offers a big step toward reducing gun violence in this country. Senator Feinstein’s bill, which already has 17 cosponsors, would renew and expand the ban on military style assault… Read More

Leaving Some Things Unsaid….

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. ~ Ben Franklin I have read several books about Ben Franklin…. Read More

No Other Gods Before Me……..

Children should bury their parents; parents should not have to bury their kids. Pastors should conduct funerals for the elderly, not for children killed by gun violence. When the proper order of things keeps getting turned around, something… Read More

My Favorite Vacation Place…

Yet another picture of my favorite vacation place and that is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. You get good exercise hiking to the many ruins and when you get there it has a definite spiritual quality. I… Read More

Why the US military is fighting with the NRA…

via Gun control: Why the US military is fighting with the NRA – CSMonitor.com. US military commanders are trying to cope with an epidemic of suicides within the armed forces.  Officials say they are frustrated by a recent law,… Read More

A Call for a New Social Covenant

I got another of those wrenching emails from my friend Jim Wallis over at Sojourners. He sends out a weekly email entitled “Hearts & Minds”.  Here is part of the content: In the past 20 years, the world… Read More

Jefferson And The Gospels….

This is a continuation of our study of Thomas Jefferson to discount the belief that he intended the United States to be a Christian nation. He started out and spent much of his life as a deist. That… Read More

The Only Thing We Have To Do In Life Is Die…..

I just got finished reading a blog post with the above title. The conclusion that the author came to was therefore to do only those things that make you happy. While this very narcissistic world view is pretty… Read More

The Never Say Never Pledge???

  Source: Grover Norquist: The tax pledge is forever | Power Players – Yahoo! News. This week, Spinners and Winners went to Americans for Tax Reform to talk to the man behind the pledge. ‘The Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ has been… Read More

If Government Treated You As Well As Amazon….

I must admit that I am a loyal customer of Amazon. I pay an extra $79 a year to have two-day free delivery of almost everything I buy and I buy quite a bit from them. I get… Read More

Looking Back…. And Forward….

Source: Obama’s Speech Is Urgent Call for Progressive Values – NYTimes.com. Mr. Obama came to office four years ago all but consumed by what he inherited: two wars and an economy in free fall. He then confronted an exhausting… Read More

The Sun…..

I want to warn you up front here that I am putting on my “green” hat now. I don’t mention the fact that I am green often on this blog but it is yet another thing that I… Read More

Our Natural Gas – What is Good for the Nation???

“If exporting [LNG] means accelerated development, then we will more rapidly deplete natural gas resources that could help sustain future generations of Americans, leading to higher prices as resources diminish,” he wrote. source: Should US export natural gas? Study… Read More

The Middle Class….

Having grown up in the 1950s and 60s I am very much entrenched in the idea of a middle class society. That is where the average working person got a share of the prosperity of the times. But… Read More

In Service Of Others……

  The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself  in the service of others. Mahatma Gandhi It is obvious to most of you that I think Gandhi was a very inspirational person. The above quote is… Read More

Bent’s Old Fort…

July 2009 – Bent’s Old Fort      One of my favorite places to be…

Your Actions Have Consequences….

  Source: Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey about his doping – The Washington Post. The network’s Scott Pelley also reported that Armstrong is in talks with U.S. Justice Department officials, who are weighing whether to join a whistleblower… Read More