I Don’t Have Adobe Flash….

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FlashFor those of you who don’t know what Adobe Flash is it is an add-on to your web browser that allows you to view all the videos around now. But, it also is used to make many of those flashy things that distract you from reading content. Those just bug me to no end! Maybe being deaf I am more sensitive to that flashing than most people are?  To remove this pain I have purposely chosen to do without Flash.  I can tell you my web viewing life is simpler now. I used to have a large post-pad handy to cover up all those flashing ads; that did a pretty good job but it was cumbersome. Continue reading “I Don’t Have Adobe Flash….”

It Is Not Just “All Talk”….

  Source: Republican Re-Branding: The ‘Happy Party’? – ABC News. “We want to build a massive party that’s exciting, that smiles, has a good message across America, and that’s what you’re going to see,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters at a news conference on Friday shortly after he was re-elected to another two year term. Sharon Day, a GOP activist from Florida who … Continue reading It Is Not Just “All Talk”….

Thomas Edison hologram chats at Detroit Auto Show…

Source: Thomas Edison hologram chats at Detroit Auto Show – CBS News. Past met present at the auto show Monday when a holographic image of Thomas Edison was used to promote vehicles from electric truck and van maker VIA Motors. Bob Lutz, the retired General Motors executive who led development of the Chevy Volt, took to the stage at the North American International Auto Show to … Continue reading Thomas Edison hologram chats at Detroit Auto Show…

Emergent Church… Good Theology … Bad Theology

From Tony Jones in his book The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier: Good theology begets beautiful Christianity. And so it follows that Bad theology begets ugly Christianity. That may sound supremely arrogant, but hear me out. A lot of us, emergents included, are disheartened by the complexion of Christianity in America. We’re embarrassed by the Jesus junk we see in stores, by the … Continue reading Emergent Church… Good Theology … Bad Theology

Republicans and Innate Goodness….

Source: https://rjscorner.net/2012/02/27/where-are-you-john-sherman-when-we-need-you/ It seems literally impossible for another Republican to take charge of these types of matters (controlling fraud and abuse). Most of those folks are just too beholding to big business to ever try to reign them in. So, currently that leaves the Democratic party to take up the mantel. I don’t see that as much of a possibility either. Where all this “too big … Continue reading Republicans and Innate Goodness….

Why Pentagon won’t say how it would cut $55 billion

  Source: Why Pentagon won’t say how it would cut $55 billion starting Jan. 1 – CSMonitor.com. One reason is because the Pentagon would then have to show its cards, some argue. That is, it would have to tell Congress how it would reallocate funds from its lesser priorities to its higher priorities, says Todd Harrison, senior fellow for defense budget studies at the Center for … Continue reading Why Pentagon won’t say how it would cut $55 billion

Wordle….. Behind The Speeches….

Source: Behind Inaugural Speeches, Meaningful Words | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine. Wordle is an application that takes text from any source and enlarges words that appear more frequently. Conversely, words that are smaller appear less frequently. Small words, like the or of, are not included in the Wordles above. (www.wordle.net) Wordle is a new word for me. I suspect it will be commonly used … Continue reading Wordle….. Behind The Speeches….

The Emergent Church….. They Love Everyone….

I am going to spend the next few posts giving you some more info about the emergent church movement now taking place around the world. The source for these posts is a book by Tony Jones entitled The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier. Tony is one of the original leaders of this movement so his words have an insight into the beginning thoughts about just … Continue reading The Emergent Church….. They Love Everyone….

Assault Weapons…

Yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation (S. 150) that offers a big step toward reducing gun violence in this country. Senator Feinstein’s bill, which already has 17 cosponsors, would renew and expand the ban on military style assault weapons. Despite the mass slayings of children in schools, moviegoers in theaters and students on college campuses, and the daily gun violence that plagues communities across our … Continue reading Assault Weapons…

Leaving Some Things Unsaid….

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. ~ Ben Franklin I have read several books about Ben Franklin. He is certainly a fascinating character  but he is generally not one of my favorite founding fathers. He led a pretty pretentious life and was probably one … Continue reading Leaving Some Things Unsaid….

No Other Gods Before Me……..

Children should bury their parents; parents should not have to bury their kids. Pastors should conduct funerals for the elderly, not for children killed by gun violence. When the proper order of things keeps getting turned around, something is wrong. The ongoing epidemic of shootings – whether in an elementary school or on city streets – shows something in our society has gone terribly amiss. … Continue reading No Other Gods Before Me……..

Why the US military is fighting with the NRA…

via Gun control: Why the US military is fighting with the NRA – CSMonitor.com. US military commanders are trying to cope with an epidemic of suicides within the armed forces.  Officials say they are frustrated by a recent law, backed by the NRA, that makes it difficult to talk to soldiers about personally owned firearms. The NRA typically comes out in the full attack mode anytime … Continue reading Why the US military is fighting with the NRA…

A Call for a New Social Covenant

I got another of those wrenching emails from my friend Jim Wallis over at Sojourners. He sends out a weekly email entitled “Hearts & Minds”.  Here is part of the content: In the past 20 years, the world has witnessed the death of social contracts. We have seen a massive breakdown in trust between citizens, their economies, and their governments. In our own country, we can point … Continue reading A Call for a New Social Covenant

The Only Thing We Have To Do In Life Is Die…..

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PrintI just got finished reading a blog post with the above title. The conclusion that the author came to was therefore to do only those things that make you happy. While this very narcissistic world view is pretty prominent today it all comes down to “what makes you happy?” That question alone could fill a library. Happiness is a very transcendent term. I have lived on this earth longer than many and I have come to the conclusion that when you focus your life totally on yourself you will never reach any significant level of true  happiness.

Everyone, especially those of us who are beyond mid-life are very aware that death could be just around the corner. Maybe that is the only thing we “have” to do but there are a lot of things in our lives before that inevitable condition.  When I originally saw the post I immediately pre-supposed that the author would continue the sentence with “Everything else is a choice”. The author of this post it turns out is a young girl currently attending college so I guess I should excuse her for taking what I consider a pretty shallow approach to this deeply philosophical statement. I’m pretty sure that as she accumulates knowledge she will see quite different answers to this question. Continue reading “The Only Thing We Have To Do In Life Is Die…..”

The Never Say Never Pledge???


Source: Grover Norquist: The tax pledge is forever | Power Players – Yahoo! News.

Never copyThis week, Spinners and Winners went to Americans for Tax Reform to talk to the man behind the pledge. ‘The Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ has been signed by virtually every Republican office holder over the last 20 years, binding congressman, senators, and governors to promise no tax increases of any kind, ever.

There’s talk that pledge is now dead, but as you can see, Grover Norquist is not backing down.Those who have disavowed the pledge — such Senators Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., and John McCain, R-Ariz. — will hear from their constituents, Norquist says.

“I think that people should keep their commitment to voters. I think they need to if they get elected with an open promise, they should keep that promise to voters,” says the founder of Americans for Tax Reform.

We all know that Washington D.C. is about power. It consumes almost anyone who goes there. I’m absolutely sure that is also the reason behind Grover Norquist’s words above. He sees himself losing power after so many years and is doing anything possible to hang on to it.  He seems kind of like McCarthy in the 1950s who gained power by accusing many there of being a communist. He dominated the Senate for several years until one person took him down with one utterance. “Have you no shame!”. Continue reading “The Never Say Never Pledge???”

If Government Treated You As Well As Amazon….

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DeliveryI must admit that I am a loyal customer of Amazon. I pay an extra $79 a year to have two-day free delivery of almost everything I buy and I buy quite a bit from them. I get many things the next day. It amazes me just how quickly they can get my order to me!

Another company that amazes me is Google. If I have a question on just about anything I can get many different views on the subject usually within a minute or two.  I can remember in high school and even college spending hours in the library scouring through twenty-four book encyclopedias and many other books to find a minute amount of info I can now get in seconds.

Continue reading “If Government Treated You As Well As Amazon….”

Looking Back…. And Forward….

Source: Obama’s Speech Is Urgent Call for Progressive Values – NYTimes.com. Mr. Obama came to office four years ago all but consumed by what he inherited: two wars and an economy in free fall. He then confronted an exhausting series of crises and political problems at home and abroad: budget showdowns, a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Middle East turmoil, the rise of … Continue reading Looking Back…. And Forward….

The Sun…..

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ConserveI want to warn you up front here that I am putting on my “green” hat now. I don’t mention the fact that I am green often on this blog but it is yet another thing that I have at least a degree of passion for. I try to do my part in energy conservation. One part of that is to daily follow my wife around the house and turn off the lights she constantly leaves on. 🙂  But another more serious part is preaching to anyone who will listen about our dependence on fossil fuels and how it is hurting the earth. Continue reading “The Sun…..”

Our Natural Gas – What is Good for the Nation???

“If exporting [LNG] means accelerated development, then we will more rapidly deplete natural gas resources that could help sustain future generations of Americans, leading to higher prices as resources diminish,” he wrote. source: Should US export natural gas? Study for DOE fuels fiery debate. – CSMonitor.com. This was a rather lengthy article (3 pages) and it was not until the last paragraph (shown above) did the … Continue reading Our Natural Gas – What is Good for the Nation???

The Middle Class….

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Middle class 1Having grown up in the 1950s and 60s I am very much entrenched in the idea of a middle class society. That is where the average working person got a share of the prosperity of the times. But in looking back at history it now seems apparent to me that the “middle class”, at least as we knew it then  probably an anomaly of our times.

The middle class is a result of the Ford model for the economy. That is where the workers are paid a living wage and they would then build a community where they could afford to buy the products they make. We have much to thank Henry Ford for those times. Ford came upon the scenes shortly after the age of the “Robber Barrons”. The barons were Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carniege, JP Morgan, and Fisk.  These guys were mostly consumed by their desire for wealth and ruthlessly destroying their competition. They had little respect for the workers they employed.  They were a mere tool for their greed for ever increasing wealth. Their employees generally worked six to seven days a week for twelve hours a day. They often got a little than a dollar a day. If you got sick you lost your job. If you died because of an industrial accident your family was pretty much on their own. We learned that this is what you get with unbridled capitalism. Continue reading “The Middle Class….”

The Church and Evolution….

I know you expect this post to be about how the church is very much against the idea of evolution. But really it is going to be quite the opposite. Yes, many denominations within the church, like so many other areas of science, deny evolution of the species as originated by Darwin. The Scopes Monkey trial was evidence of that. William Jennings Bryan put up … Continue reading The Church and Evolution….

Your Actions Have Consequences….

  Source: Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah Winfrey about his doping – The Washington Post. The network’s Scott Pelley also reported that Armstrong is in talks with U.S. Justice Department officials, who are weighing whether to join a whistleblower suit against him, about returning a portion of the roughly $35 million that the U.S. Postal Service paid his cycling team in sponsorship dollars. I don’t follow … Continue reading Your Actions Have Consequences….

Man’s Fingerprints…..

One thing that seems so hard for many fundamentalist Christians is the idea that much of their religious traditions and beliefs come from man, not God. They seem totally unable to even conceive of that idea. Without that acknowledgement they have doomed their version of Christianity to the trash heap of time. Science, that they generally deem as the enemy, will eventually become just be … Continue reading Man’s Fingerprints…..

Sobering Statistics — Gun violence in America

Source:  Just the facts: Gun violence in America – U.S. News. The big picture: Every year in the U.S., an average of more than 100,000 people are shot, according to The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence. Every day in the U.S., an average of 289 people are shot. Eighty-six of them die: 30 are murdered, 53 kill themselves, two die accidentally, and one is … Continue reading Sobering Statistics — Gun violence in America

Don’t Blame Us Baby Boomers….

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BoomerOk, I am getting on my soapbox now so be forewarned, especially all you youngsters out there. I have already put on my flame proof clothes so flame away…

I know the trend nowadays is to blame us Baby Boomers for all the troubles in the country. They say we sucked all the money out of the economy but I as usual look at it from a different perspective:

  • We created a strong middle class where average workers earned enough to buy the products they made. You allowed the politicians and CEOs to ship all those jobs to cheaper foreign labor on the idea that you could buy things a little cheaper. You didn’t have the foresight to see that one day your job would also be taken from you.  Continue reading “Don’t Blame Us Baby Boomers….”

About That Pork…..

Source: Fiscal cliff deal includes at least $67.9 billion for special interests – U.S. News. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was less diplomatic. “It’s so incredibly disappointing that members of Congress saw fit to add hundreds of millions of dollars in special-interest handouts to the recently passed ‘fiscal cliff’ bill, which had the simple purpose of avoiding massive tax rate increases on average Americans,” McCain said Thursday. … Continue reading About That Pork…..