Getting To Be As Rare As A Republican With A Smile…..

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Angry 2When I heard the title of this post I couldn’t help but LOL (laugh out loud). That seems to be a very fitting phrase now days. Now before my Republican friends hit me on this I am talking primarily about those folks in DC and not in the hinterland, and all of the rest of the country is the hinterland when compared to them. But I will admit that some of my GOP friends aren’t smiling much since President Obama was re-elected. 🙂

All you have to do is to look at any of the interviews with the Tea Party folks and all you see are grimaced faces; not a smile amongst them. All they seem to want to do is pick a fight with most anybody who disagrees with them on absolutely any topic and that includes all those “moderates” within their own party as well as absolutely every Democrat that has ever lived on this earth. Let’s face it, that Tea Party bunch is absolutely the gloomiest people on earth right now.

As Rare As

There have been many quotes around the words  “as rare as”. Let’s spend a few frivolous minutes looking a some. God know we need some frivolity in our lives right now:

About as rare as…

  • Steak Tartar.
  • a nun in a bikini.
  • a stylish mullet.
  • a redneck with all his teeth.
  • a “good hair day” for Donald Trump.
  • a hen’s tooth.

I kind of like the title one the best.

But what do I know…

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