Looking Back…. And Forward….

Source: Obama’s Speech Is Urgent Call for Progressive Values – NYTimes.com.

Mr. Obama came to office four years ago all but consumed by what he inherited: two wars and an economy in free fall. He then confronted an exhausting series of crises and political problems at home and abroad: budget showdowns, a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Middle East turmoil, the rise of the Tea Party movement.Inauguration Speech Through it all, he chose to wage additional battles of choice, most notably his successful push to overhaul the health insurance system. But not until this point, with the economy gradually mending, one war over and another winding down, with Osama bin Laden dead and the Democratic Party drawing strength from the nation’s changing demographics, has he had the opportunity to master his own presidency.

The beginning of President Obama’s second term is an opportune time to look back on his presidency.  I have mentioned several times on this blog how disappointed I was about how he seemingly abandoned his rhetoric of the 2008 campaign trail once he got into office. I will admit here that much of that criticism was unwarranted.

This president probably faced more crisis upon entering office than any president of the last 100+ years. Not only did he have to face an economic crisis due to failed policies of his predecessor but he was also bridled with two haphazardly entered wars. Sometimes when you are in the middle of something it is hard to see the forest for the trees.  Looking back it is amazing how well he did these things and then managed to get a meager form of universal healthcare passed a very obstructionist Republican party.

His inauguration speech yesterday was probably the most passionate speech I have ever heard. It revealed to me the Barak Obama I knew in 2008. He has not lost the progressive visions he espoused four years ago. They simply had to take a back burner to the very pressing disasters Mr. Bush left in the Oval Office when he quickly escaped into his cocoon of private life. Now that President Obama is unfettered by a continuous re-election campaign and has faced the reality of an ultra partisan congress he is free to promote the policies we need going forward into the 21st century. How much of the policies he will be able to accomplish only time will tell.

Yes, President Obama has some work cut out for him to reign in our current deficit problems but like his predecessor who was faced with the same circumstances about eighty years ago he will manage that quite well as our economy continues to improve and we wind down two wars.

I will spend some time in the coming weeks dissecting the president’s second term agenda. I will do what I can to help him wherever I can.

Congratulations President Obama for your re-election.  Now get to work on the things you talked about yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back…. And Forward….

  1. All presidents have stress. I feel he dealt with it well also, considering the fact that he has taken and continues to take more golf and vacation trips than all the other presidents of the US combined. But hey, blame it on the republicans right? We must have stressed him out pretty bad. I’d be stressed to if I gave over 5 and a half million to planned parenthood to kill babies (in one year). I’d be nervous if there ever were to be an investigation of fund usage done and the american citizens would discover their paycheck going to fund abortions. The fact of the matter is, it isn’t a matter of republican or democrat. Blaming one party for most of all of the issues in government is wrong. No one knows what it is to take personal responsiblity anymore. Even our own president continues to blame bush. He is quick to blame his mistakes on those who proceeded him but i am sure if he had any success he would not be so quick to share those as well. Funny, how the bad things are someone elses fault but the good things are all thanks to him. Interesting, very interesting.


    1. Hello Brittany, I don’t know where you come up with the vacation thing. According to

      Baby Bush spent more time on vacation than any other president. More than twice as much as Obama when comparing their first terms. The only one who even came close to Bush was, you guessed it, Reagan. Check out the URL for the facts.

      President Obama did not give anyone abortions, that is a forty year old law that he or any other other four presidents before him did little or nothing to change. I’m sure you realize that Bush 1,Reagan, and Bush 2 presided over many times more abortions than has Obama. As a matter of fact abortions are probably lower under Obama than any of the three Republicans.

      You say he blames others for his mistakes. I assume you are talking about the deficit stuff. You do realize that Mr.Bush and Mr. Reagan where the primary builders of the deficit. I have a recent post about those facts if you care to know the truth.

      So, you are 0 for 2 here. Please check your facts before posting future comments. I do enjoy a lively debate on the issues but I have little tolerance for name callers, or people saying things that just aren’t factually true.


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