As Our Newspapers Make It…

I hope we never live to see the day when a thing is as bad as some of our newspapers make it. – 19 July 1934  — Will Rogers In Will’s day newspapers were pretty much the only… Read More

Schizophrenia and the Republican Party….

Schizophrenia—an impairment in social cognition which is associated with paranoia and  social isolation. Paranoia, which is a major symptom of schizophrenia, is a mental condition in which the person often loses touch with reality.  Here is some of what Wikipedia… Read More

Taking It From Somebody….

  The difference between our rich and poor grows greater every year. Our distribution of wealth is getting more uneven all the time. . . . A man can make a million over night and he is on… Read More

It’s Time For Them To Go….

When any organization becomes totally dysfunctional it is time for a major shakeup. I am becoming more and more convinced that the only way we are ever going to reduce the gridlock we find in Washington is to… Read More

Only Seven Murders….

  Source: No guns at home, so Japanese shoot ’em up in Guam – Itineraries on Because guns are so hard to find, gun-related crime is extremely rare. They were used in only seven murders in Japan —… Read More

Unemployment vs Education Level….

  Unemployment Rate by Education Level In 1992, the BLS began tracking unemployment rates by education level. Highlighted below are the unemployment rates for the following four groups…. All groups consist of individuals 25 years old or higher. Education… Read More

Being Against…

  If I was a President and wanted something I would claim I didn’t want it. For Congress has not given any President anything he wanted in the last 10 years. Be against anything and then he is… Read More

More Than Skin Deep???….

Source: First Thoughts: Obama’s two speeches in one – First Read. Did he broaden the party’s reach? But here’s a separate question we have: Did Rubio broaden his party’s reach? While he’s younger than Mitt Romney and has a… Read More

Buy American

I HAVE come to a resolution myself, as I hope every good citizen will, never again to purchase any article of foreign manufacture which can be had of American make, be the difference of price what it may…. Read More

Removing Obstacles…..

  The abundant life does not come to those who have had a lot of obstacles removed from their path by others. It develops from within and is rooted in strong mental and moral fiber.  — William Mather… Read More

Tend To Our Own Business….

Somebody is always telling us in the papers how to prevent war. There is only one way in the World to prevent war, and that is, FOR EVERY NATION TO TEND TO ITS OWN BUSINESS. – June 28,… Read More

Visiting NYC

January 1999 — That’s me looking out at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Battery Park in Manhattan. My wife and I had just finished a wedding anniversary dinner at Windows on the World at the… Read More

Why Do I Blog??

I got to thinking the other day that I spend quite a bit of time blogging. I presently maintain two very active blogs (this one and another related to being a follower of Jesus).  In the past I… Read More

Statistics Averse……

Source: To Lower Suicide Rates, New Focus Turns to Guns – The national map of suicide lights up in states with the highest gun ownership rates. Wyoming, Montana and Alaska, the states with the three highest suicide rates,… Read More

The New Face of the GOP….

  Source: Top G.O.P. Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races – The effort would put a new twist on the Republican-vs.-Republican warfare that has consumed the party’s primary races in recent years. In effect, the establishment is… Read More

Looking Into The Future…..

I am going to take a vain attempt at looking into the future!  The place I am going to look will likely surprise you until you have heard me out.  The future I am going to look at… Read More


  No man is great if he thinks he is. – 1 March 1929   Will Rogers Vanity is a powerful force in us human beings. We all like to think that we are great in one aspect or… Read More

It Depends On The Definition…

It depends on what the definition of “is” is…. The above quote, for all you guys over thirty is obviously from the impeachment hearing of President Clinton.  Mr. Clinton being a lawyer, as most politicians are, zeroed in… Read More

About Conservatives…..

  I am have been thinking about the word  “conservative” lately and how I thought it defines me as far as fiscal things go and how it seems to define many of my friends as a general philosophy…. Read More

Second Chances In Life….

I grew up in poverty and without a mother.  My father was typical of his generation in that he was a pretty stoic guy who even though he had love in his heart he just didn’t hand it… Read More

I Had Hopes But…..

Source: Rubio: Reported Obama Immigration Plan ‘Dead On Arrival’ | Rubio | Fox Nation. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Saturday panned a reported immigration reform proposal from President Obama, saying it would be “dead on arrival” in Congress. If… Read More

Some Strong Words about John McCain and War….

Source: John McCain’s Theology of War is Wrong – Jim Wallis | God’s Politics Blog | Sojourners. But McCain hasn’t been right in his endless promotion of war as the primary solution to our national conflicts. He has been… Read More

An Aerobic Workout….

I was just watching something on MSNBC that got me to thinking. Yes I do on occasion watch that “liberal trash” as some of my conservative friends call it. Of course if I were to make the same… Read More

With a Finer Spirit of Hope and Achievement…

  You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to… Read More

County Fairs…..

I spent my high school years in a small rural town in Indiana and when I retired from corporate life my wife and I chose once again to return to that small town living.  One of the highlights of… Read More