The government Is Watching What You Google…


source: Google says government surveillance is on the rise – CBS News.

GoogleGoogle also reported the number requests by governments for user data information, and the percentage of compliance. In the United States, the government requested data from Google 7,969 times, about 16,281 user accounts. The search giant complied 90 percent of the time.

I have stated before that I usually watch a couple of hours of TV almost everyday.  One of my favorite shows now is “A Person of Interest”. That is a show based on the government having a super-computer that compiles all the surveillance cameras around the country to glean terrorist information. There are literally hundreds of millions of those cameras around now. In a new one-half mille stretch of road they recently built in my area I counted 24 cameras at intersections along the route. I’m sure that each of the businesses along that road also has a myriad of security cameras. Maybe that is what makes this new TV show so interesting; it could actually happen.

What is happening is that almost every where you visit on the web is being recorded by someone. Whenever you ask for a particular piece of information from Google that request is being logged and filed away on a distant computer. Soon it will almost be possible to compile almost everything you do in daily life.  What you buy, where you visit, and what you spend your time on. This capability does help our government track down those who might want to do us harm but it also allows for some pretty unscrupulous things.  Identity theft is just the tip of that iceberg.

So, the next time you go onto Google or any of the other search sites be aware that others will be recording what you do there. As the old saying goes Freedom is not free. We must guard it with our lives. Especially our intellectual and personal freedoms.

2 thoughts on “The government Is Watching What You Google…

  • If you want a fully private life you would not be on the computer ;>) The government has been watching a very long time- and listening even longer. I don’t like it- but it is reality. No less intrusive than using a swipe card at the grocery (you don’t think they are keeping track?) or security cameras all over the world? I am far more nervous about drones then Google- personally.


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