Common Complaints About Emergents…..

I want to close out this series of posts with some unfounded complaints about the emergent movement. This list is mine and therefore might not align with the leaders of this movement. Emergents don’t have a foundation, they allow their members to believe anything — While it is true that emergents don’t, as most common denominations do, try to prove anyone wrong about their current beliefs … Continue reading Common Complaints About Emergents…..

About Fear…. One of Many Manifestations of Fear

This is a continuation of the topic of fear and how it drives so much of our country and world. I have been cruising some of the “gun rights” websites lately.  The reason I am paying attention to this group is to try to understand the thoughts and mentalities of the people in them and how fear appears to play such a strong part of their … Continue reading About Fear…. One of Many Manifestations of Fear