Tend To Our Own Business….

will_rogers 193x250Somebody is always telling us in the papers how to prevent war. There is only one way in the World to prevent war, and that is, FOR EVERY NATION TO TEND TO ITS OWN BUSINESS. – June 28, 1925  Will Rogers

Will I know you are right about this but it seems that eighty years later our country still can’t seem to understand your words of wisdom. We still want to get into every nation’s business as if it were our own.  There are those in the Senate, particularly Mr. McCain and that bunch, who have not seen a war they don’t want to get into or one that they want to get completely out of.  They continue to huff and puff about Iran and that is just what the leaders of that country want.  They crave the attention. Even when we “declare” victory we always leave many of our soldier there for an eternity.  Over fifty thousand troops are still in Korea and Germany and those wars were supposedly over more than sixty years ago! We just spend too much time in other countries business!

In the Senate confirmation hearings for the secretary of Department of Defense these guys were down right  vindictive of the nominee. I couldn’t believe the nastiness of the rhetoric that Mr. McCain had for his one time close friend! If only we just stayed out of other countries business  as you told us we could eliminate needlessly putting so many of our kids at risk and maybe find a way in lieu of balancing our budgets on the backs of the poor of reducing our deficits.

Let’s make it a new doctrine of the 21st century to tend to our own business.  The first thing to do to accomplish that is to resign from being the policemen of the world. The rest of the world just doesn’t want us to play that role anyway.  Lets just tend to our own business and let everyone else tend to theirs….

But we are both just simple guys so what do we know….