More Than Skin Deep???….

Kick MeSource: First Thoughts: Obama’s two speeches in one – First Read.

Did he broaden the party’s reach? But here’s a separate question we have: Did Rubio broaden his party’s reach? While he’s younger than Mitt Romney and has a more relatable life story, Rubio’s speech was almost a rehash of almost everything we heard from Romney and the GOP in 2012. He accused Obama of believing that the free enterprise system is the source of America’s problems (when the president praised it in his State of the Union); he said that Obama wants to grow the size of the government; and he attacked the health-care law.

All of those messages had hundreds of millions of dollars behind them in the 2012 presidential election, and Republicans got just 47% of the vote in the presidential election. There is no doubt that Rubio is a GOP politician with a bright future and plenty of personal appeal. But it also seemed like Rubio was preaching to the Republican choir rather than broadening the party’s reach. It’s a speech that is being very well received among conservatives, but was it a persuasion speech?

Rebranding seems the name of the game in the gOp. At least on the surface that is a valid observation but is it really more than skin deep? Mr. Rubio is supposed to be the ordained future leader of the party so when he had a chance to rebrand the Republican party how well did he do that job? To me he just sounded like more of the same obstructionism. He needs to get out of his church and away from the choir once in a while to even begin to convince me he is a different brand than so many others in his party. But the question is does he have the guts to do that?

P.S…. It didn’t sink into me that the title and the picture in this post were more related than I thought.  The “KICK ME” is definitely more than skin deep. 🙂