Betrayed by Friendship….

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Betrayed by friendship is not a bad memorial to leave. – 16 June 1931   Will Rogers

FriendsWill, I had to think about this one to understand what you were talking about. I think it means that is it better to have friends even if some end up betraying you than it is to have no friends at all.  That’s kind of deep but knowing you as I do I suspect that is your point. It kind of like the one about “its better to have love and lost than not to have loved at all”.

Yeah, some friendships can result in betrayal but that is just the chance you take. I have one encounter with betrayed friendship in my life and that did hurt me pretty deeply.  But I have lost  several friends due to taking a different paths in life.  One of my best friends of past years is now someone who I would never associate with. He has gone from a compassionate and caring person to someone who is reeks of prejudice and spite for those outside his political and religious beliefs. I don’t really understand how that happened?

I have had other friends, some I considered pretty close who never even tried to keep communications opened when we were ejected from a local church over failing to fall in line with all the denominational beliefs. I don’t regret having those friends even though I now realize just how shallow they were I deemed them good friends at the time and was sad to see them drop away.

Friends are hard to come by and to lose them for stupid reasons is hard to accept. But that is just life I guess. But there are some friends who just seem to love us no matter what our circumstance or beliefs are and they are our canine ones. Thank heavens for them.  As Harry Truman said years ago  “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”. Maybe we should expand that to life in general.

2 thoughts on “Betrayed by Friendship….

  1. Rod, you are so “right on ”
    with your continuous observations. Just like you, during this past year, I lost supposedly lost probably ten one time close friends. At first, it was a shock to my system of keeping friends,but in the end, I discovered they WERE not true friends at all. After I left them, none of hem ever personally contacted me. One friend , who had been my close friend in his area for 18 years said unusual things to be without EVER checking my personal feelings about my beliefs. I enjoy many friends, but the criteria has to be caring, listening, and accepting. You can easily sift the wheat from he chaff.


  2. Sometimes friends are only friends via a particular association and when that association drops so do the friends. Maybe in the end they were only casual in nature and we believed otherwise. But as Will says that is not such a bad thing. Shallower than we hoped but not bad…..


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