Me“No man is great if he thinks he is.” – Will Rogers, 1 March 1929

All of us have an ego but in some it is much more inflated than others. Our current politicians seem to have much more than their share of ego. But there also is plenty available to us outside the political sphere.

It seems to me that one of the primary characteristics of people who think they are great is that they constantly are looking inward. They come first and everyone else is a very distant second. After all, to them, the world is focused on them.  Giant egos get us into so much trouble. I think that one of the reasons for such high divorce rates is egos clashing. The divorced couple never grow to being a team because each is too focused on their individual needs.  A successful marriage depends on one degree on tempered egos.

When you are always looking inward you just don’t see beyond yourself. Now don’t get me wrong, an ego is a good thing up to a point. We should be rightly proud of moments of significant accomplishments. We should pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we did to accomplish it.  If we have no ego then we will probably have no self-esteem or self-respect and that is not a good thing.  When we only think of ourselves as a worthless piece of snot, as some suggest we should, then we are no good for ourselves or anyone else.

No man is great if he thinks he is.  I have seen several people in my life who very much match this phrase. But, fortunately I have also met many who put others ahead of themselves. Of course Jesus Christ is the perfect example of that and he expects us to follow his example as much as we are able. Jesus was about serving, not be served and that is the opposite of ego if I have ever seen it.  Like almost everything else in life your ego is not a black/white thing but instead is what shade of grey you choose to live in.