8 thoughts on “Centrist Movement – Un-botching Politics

  1. I read a blog that is clearly written by a democrat. They also blame Obama because they feel forgotten. I am not sure how that works—but it is what it is. When in misery, in a country that acts as if they can do anything- when suffering–blame someone else? Hope that more will be spent on them- time and treasure- then elsewhere in the world?


    1. Yes, Janette as a famous Republican said I’m sure there are those who think they are entitled to more than they get but they are by no means 47%. As you frequently accuse me don’t paint with too broad a brush.

      But I too feel that I have been forgotten by Mr. Obama. I gave really frequently to get him elected in 2008 because he espoused many of the same things I feel strongly about. But then when elected he either ignored his own words or even sometimes did exactly the opposite.

      But for Republicans to blame Mr. Obama for the Katrina response shows either very broad ignorance or very strong partisanship. You simply can’t get around that fact….


  2. Here is the poll quest of 274 Republican Primary voters in mid August
    Q3. Who do you think was more responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina: George W.Bush or Barack Obama?

    George W. Bush28%
    Barack Obama 29%
    I do not know 44%
    In polling – even if you answer one question- you are in the poll. That means that if everyone answered the question that you are brushing the entire group of Republicans on the voice of 68 people who voted Republican in the primary.
    A poll can be off about +/-5%. And if you really look at the poll stats—the numbers do not match up — 88% of the 28% voted? That does not bode well for the pollster.
    I would say that is a very limited amount of people. If you look at the spread moderate Republicans overwhelmingly said Bush.

    But then- who really wants to poll about Syria and another war when we could rehash what 65 year old ultra conservative men in Louisiana feel about a hurricane clean up that destroyed their way of life?


    1. Lighten up Janette. You are taking things to personally and seriously. No, I don’t believe that you would be one of the 29%. I certainly give you more intelligence than that.

      Polls, at least most of them run by reputable companies, are statistically accurate to some degree. As you mentioned maybe 5% is a typical number. That means that 19 out of 20 would answer the same way. I know there are people who simply don’t believe in statistics representing a larger group.

      Take a happy pill and enjoy the rest of this marvelous day…..


    1. Ok, now we are getting down to a better understanding. Thanks Jane for facilitating that. Yes, how the questions are asked has much to do with the results. So many times when I am filling out a poll the answer I want to give is simply not there and that is because the pollster doesn’t want that answer. I will freely admit that both the Republicans and Democrats do this sort of thing profusely. That is why so many are against Obamacare even though they really know nothing about it.

      And as Jane says poll results are also open to interpretation based on the viewers prejudices (predisposition). Of course for the above mentioned poll they purposely added Obama’s name even though it was not a real answer. I’m sure they did that in order to allow the poll taker to show either his bias/partisanship or ignorance. And of course the folks in Louisiana did not let them down. More chose Obama than Bush. But isn’t that also indicative of a deeper problem with the electorate?

      Ending thought. Always question how polls are taken but don’t assume they are not accurate just because you disagree with the results….


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