I Know Nothing….

DunceNo, I’m not mimicking Sargent Schultz  from Hogan’s Heroes with the title. Instead it is to proclaim that I know nothing about the latest round of young stars especially the singers, if you want to call them that.  I guess you can call me one of those out-of-touch old people if you want.  I vaguely know some names like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ice Cube and maybe a few others but I have no idea what they do that made them famous.

I know more or less than nothing about the music scene of the last 20+ years. I know about that time that songs were rapped, whatever that means?  I am guessing it is kind of like when Sabastian Cabot read some of Bob Dylan’s lyrics as if they were poetry. I still have that album by the way.  I wish I could pull it out and listen to it once in a while. It was kind of neat.

In this 1960s when I had relatively good hearing in at least one ear I was a folk song type guy. I played the guitar and memorized many songs from Dylan, Joan Beaz, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter, Paul & Mary, Donavon, McClean and several other. I liked some of the Beatles, Stones, and a few other rockers but folk music was my thing. When I lost all my hearing in the 1980s all that went away. I still remember many of the lyrics but the tunes have totally vanished from memory now.

I guess I am truly an old person in this regard. Most kids today wouldn’t have a clue about any of the names above. It sometimes startles me when I tell some of the young volunteers at the soup kitchen I that was on the team that invented the Trimline telephone and they have no idea what that is! I have to try to describe it to them and at least some say yeah they think maybe grandma had one of those.

I know nothing about much of what goes on in the world today and some of the things I do know I wish I didn’t. I wish I had never heard of Iraq, Iran, Syria and for that matter almost every country in the Middle East.  I wish I didn’t know so many of the games the politicians play today. My world would be a much more pleasant place I guess if I knew more about Lady Gaga than I do about that dysfunctional group of yahoos in Washington or even in my local Statehouse for that matter I would probably have a more soothing life.

Maybe I need to tune in on all the teen scene so that it might drown out some of the stuff I do know…..

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