And My Tax Dollars Support It???

Al-Qaeda-linked rebels take Syrian Christian village, activists sayIt is unclear how an historic village just 26 miles from Damascus could be overrun; locals say rebels burned churches

SOURCE:  Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News – CBS News.

It bothers me greatly that there will likely be severe innocent deaths associated with President Obama’s rush to enter into the Syrian civil war. Yeah, million dollar smart bombs and drones are more accurate than huge shells being blasted from the battleship Wisconsin as in the past but they still kill many who are just trying to survive the conflicts around them.

If I am to believe Senator McCain when he says he heard it from Mr. Obama’s lips that he also want to bomb several  sites to give an advantage to the rebels in this conflict. A good percentage of these rebels belong to the same group that we are fighting against in two other Middle East countries.  And almost all of them are probably involved in burning Christian churches, people or no people inside, when they take over the small towns in the region.

Do I really want the money I send to the government monthly to go to this cause?  No way, no how!! Please Mr. Obama, with the exclusion of your lone supporter France, listen to the rest of the world when they tell you to seek peace, not another war. If you really want to hurt Assad then do it electronically by taking away some of his money. Isolate him financially instead of killing innocents with the bombs my tax dollars pay for.