For Someone Who Knew Something…

HeroThis would be a great time in the world for some man to come along that knew something.” – Will Rogers, 21 September 1931

We seem to be a nation that so desperately needs someone that knows something. The problem is that we are looking in the absolutely wrong places.  

  • We look for someone who agrees with us in our entrenched “principles” instead of someone who will show us a better way.
  • We look for someone who can drown us in their insightful rhetoric instead of someone who has actually been there and done that.
  • We look for someone who can defeat our enemies instead of someone who can teach us to love each other.
  • We look for someone who sees God as we do instead of someone who can show us what God really expects from us.
  • We look for someone who will get us out of all our troubles instead of someone who will point out why we have those troubles.

We will never see that someone unless we open our minds to other than our current beliefs and world views.  We are the problem we are trying to solve and until we come to realize that we will be forever mired into our current condition….

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know???

4 thoughts on “For Someone Who Knew Something…

  1. Seems like we’re doomed to continue repeating our past until we face up to our own demons and realize that the “good old days” were not necessarily as good as we remember them to be. Once we realize that some of the problem is inside of us and that if we begin to discuss these issues, we may find healing and the courage to try different approaches to the same old problems – the old solutions haven’t worked so why not try something different? It does take courage and humility – a combination sadly lacking today. But we can start in our own individual lives and see what begins to happen…there is always hope – right!


    1. Well said Mike and welcome to my corner. I think fear is one of the primary emotions people feel the last few decades. It is kind of ironic that during the cold war when we had so many nuclear bombs pointed at us we were actually less fearful than we seem to be now. And as you say it takes courage to try different approaches to solving our problems. Too many people are just stuck with the same wrong answers and to fearful to either admit it or to seek another path.

      It sounds like you are like me; there is always hope… You never know what might change things around. During the McCarthy years is was a simple phrase “have you no sense of decency..” that started it all off.


        1. A double welcome to you Mike. Your wife and I have been blog buddies for a few years now. It is nice, via Tamara’s blog, to put a face with a name. I very much enjoy reading about all you guy’s adventures. Come back often with your input.


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