5 Best Back-to-School Cars???

school busAnother academic year has begun, and if you (or your child) need a good set of wheels for college or high school, here’s a look at Kelley Blue Book’s five top picks for Best 2013 Back-to-School Cars.

KBB editors compiled the list by looking at all available 2013 and ’14 models starting at $20,000 or less, then choosing the cars they believe offer the best combinations of style, safety and other qualities key to young drivers. SOURCE:  

5 Best Back-to-School Cars to Buy in 2013: Fidelity.

And here I thought everyone was struggling to put their kids through college and paying off all the student loans. To add a car to that mix seems less than frugal to me let alone all the insurance, gas, and maintenance involved.  I must say that I didn’t have my own car until after I graduated from college. I bought, or I guess I should say with my diploma in hand I got a loan to buy a 1970 Mustang muscle car. I wore it out after two years but that is just how it was in those days. Cars were not nearly as reliable as they are now. I can’t understand why so many plunk down $20,000 or more to get one of those junkers today?  But here I am as usual getting off topic so let’s get back to the matter at hand.

When I was in high school I don’t think more than about 10% of the kids who were juniors or seniors had their own cars and only a small handful drove them to school. They borrowed dad’s car for their dates during those years.  The costs to insure a teenager was just too prohibitive let alone the cost of the car.  In college freshmen and sophomores were not even allowed to have cars on campus, that is unless you commuted from home daily.  Not that many juniors or seniors had cars either. Now it seems when I visited my alma mater all of the green space that used to be around campus is now parking lots.

I don’t know when cars became a necessity for high school kids? I know they all have football and baseball and numerous other after school activities but as I see in our neighborhood they usually provide bus services for those events as they did in my days. Ok, I will step off my “old person” stool now…