St FrancisToday (October 4), Christians around the world remember one of the great heroes of our faith, and the Pope’s namesake – Francis of Assisi. But Francesco Bernadone

(Francis of Assisi), who died on October 3, 1226 must be laughing at the irony of it all.

He was one of the first critics of capitalism, one of the earliest Christian environmentalists, a sassy reformer of the church, and one of the classic conscientious objectors to war. Even though it’s hard to imagine a saint whose life is more relevant to the world we live in today, Francis was not always so popular. Legend has it, the first time he preached at the Vatican, the pope told him to go preach to the pigs..... Francis did something simple and wonderful. He read the Gospels where Jesus says, “Sell your possessions and give the money to the poor,” “Consider the lilies and the sparrows and do not worry about tomorrow,” “Love your enemies,” and he decided to live as if Jesus meant the stuff he said. Francis turned his back on the materialism and militarism of his world, and said yes to Jesus.  One of the quotes attributed to Francis is a simple and poignant critique of our world, just as it was to his: “The more stuff we have, the more clubs we need to protect it. Be free like the lilies and the sparrows.” SOURCE: Shane Claiborne: Remembering Francis | Red Letter Christians.
Will Rogers 6"If I was a President and wanted something I would claim I didn't want it. For Congress has not given any President anything he wanted in the last 10 years. Be against anything and then he is sure to get it." - Will Rogers, 5 May 1923
"Most people and actors appearing on the stage have some writer to write their material. . . . Congress is good enough for me. They have been writing my material for years." - Will Rogers, 8 June 1924  

JesusWhy have so many Christians forgotten how to love?

Have we missed much of the point of Jesus because of our obsession with Heaven and Hell? We’re forever arguing, theologizing, systematizing and evangelizing–all with the agenda to get ourselves and others into one place and avoid another. Yet, Jesus steadfastly shows us a different set of spiritual goalposts. He shows us a Whole Pattern and invites us to mature into whole spiritual humans by imitating His work. He shows us how to discover our purpose by doing deeds that most reflect God in our every moment–and realizing that love can only flow from who we are and not how others respond.

We’ve forgotten the Jesus who loves without agenda.

SOURCE: Love Without Agenda by Jimmy Spencer Jr. | Red Letter Book Club.

RLBC This book which I just discovered this morning very much aligns with my post earlier today. It now resides on my Kindle to soon be read....