Happy Holidays…


I know there are those out there who despise the phrase “Happy Holidays”! They say the phrase takes away the Christian meaning of Christmas.  I am just not one of those. I don’t have any trouble recognizing that other faith traditions, and even those without any strong faith, also celebrate events this time of year. I say the more the merrier….

Since it has been pretty well documented that Jesus was not really born of December 25th and that much of the Christmas story is likely a myth passed down from one generation to another I don’t think we Christians have a lock on this time of year.  I know Hanukkah floats around from one day to another around now.  I don’t know when it is this year but I don’t mind sharing this time of year with them.  There is also Tanzania, which is an African tradition. In fact since December 21st is the winter solstice and therefore the days quit becoming shorter is the reason for many other ancient tribal type holidays occurring  this time of year.

As the footer of the graphic above says, as long as there is love, peace, and hope attached to your special day I have no problems with sharing this time of year with your differing celebrations.

So, Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.