LBJ and Obama….

2013-12-12_13-12-06For those of you young folks out there that had little or no history lessons in school LBJ is Lyndon Bains Johnson who was president of the US after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.  LBJ started Medicare and the “Great Society”. He was also a primary player in the Civil Rights of that era.  He managed to get several different and ambitious social agendas accomplished during his six years in office.

A thought that recently cropped up in my head was  “Why  LBJ succeeded in so many different social issues where President Obama has only managed to get a watered-down version of universal healthcare implemented during the same period of time?

One reason I believe is that LBJ had many years in the political process before he became president. Obama on the other hand only had a short stay in the Senate before taking office. In some ways that made him a naive idealist where LBJ was a battle-hardened politician.

 ‘Better to have your enemies inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.'” – Lyndon B. Johnson

2013-12-12_13-12-55Simply speaking LBJ was a very dictatorial type person who loved lording it over others. He was a school yard bully so to speak.  That attitude got him deeper and deeper into his take down which was the Vietnam war.  They say that the chants “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today” deeply hurt him personally.  He was a caring guy with a brute force means of getting what he wanted but he still had a huge heart.

They say that when LBJ came into office he had Air Force One remodeled  so that his office chair was on a raised platform. That he could look down on anyone who came to his office. When he left the presidency to go back to Texas on Air Force One he delayed its return until he could remove his office in it and keep it for himself. 🙂

LBJ did not have the flowery rhetoric that Kennedy, his predecessor, had or that our current president does now. He was a plain-spoken southerner with a big heart.  LBJ,s actions while president was the prime reason all of the southern racist and other bigoted politicians abandoned the Democratic party and joined the GOP where they remain today.

President Obama, I believe has a big heart but unlike LBJ is ill-equipped to do much about it. He just has too little experience to make things happen.  I, like so many others, did not fully recognize that fact when I voted for him.

Experience is something that seems to have little respect in much of today’s world. We quickly dump older employees for younger ones.  We elect people who move our hearts but have too little experience to get it done. Maybe it is time to use our personal wisdom to get the “right” person in the Oval office…

2 thoughts on “LBJ and Obama….

  • RJ,

    I am so happy to read this post and I literally spoke out loud at the conclusion, “It is about time!” I am happy to read something that I totally disagree with. I was beginning to think you had invaded my brain.

    President Obama’s problem isn’t that he is not inexperienced. He is on his sixth year as President and at least twelve in Washington. He came from Chicago, he graduated from Harvard, and he is surrounded by experienced people. He knows how to work the system and even if he didn’t by know he should have figured it out. Even you and I could figure it out in that amount of time.

    His problem is that he isn’t willing to intimate, bully, force, and if necessary kill to get his way like LBJ did. LBJ was a true thug, a dictator who was only restrained because he had to apply his force in the shadows. No matter how a person chooses to view President Obama, I would think that we all have to agree that he isn’t going to kill to implement his vision of society.

    Thank you for disagreeing with me, makes me feel like I have free will. Ha ha.


    • Good morning Rob. I am glad to accommodate you. I don’t want anyone agreeing with me 100% either. In a way we are both right. It seems that in order to get things done in our government you must be pretty much ruthless. That is especially so lately it seems. We pretty much agree that LBJ was that but Obama isn’t. Experienced and ruthless seem to be the same thing inside the loop.

      Yeah LBJ was a thug but in many ways I am thankful for that. Without it I probably would have had no insurance right now and we might still have separate drinking fountains. He was a thug but he accomplished much more good for society than Obama ever will. And this is coming from someone who voted against Johnson and for Obama twice….. Go figure 😉


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