The Idea Of…. RVing


I seem to be fixated on a phrase “The idea of” lately. That is people liking the idea of something without really understanding the details involved. This phenomenon spans across a wide sector of our world. I have several ideas for post on this topic.  The one I want to talk about this time is RVing.

Rving, that is buying a recreational vehicle and setting off on the road for daily adventures. I must admit that this one has had me in its clutches for some time now. One of the first books I read as a young man was Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck. It was about how the author had a custom-made cabin made for the back of his large pickup truck (RVs were not nearly as available in his days). In his book Mr. Steinbeck tells the story of how he spent months designing the interior and filling it with everything he thought he would need for an extended trip. The stories and adventures on the road he told in the book fascinated me then and continue to fascinate me today. I have read this book perhaps a dozen time, the last time while we were vacationing in Mesa Verde National park. No, it wasn’t in an RV but in one of the very comfortable lodge rooms there.  That is another trip I will never forget but that is for another post.

I just love the idea of taking off and spending endless weeks discovering America!  The problem with this is that my wife adamantly refuses to leave her home nest for anything longer than a week or so and the idea of living in a “box with wheels” totally turns her off. So, I guess I will have to do a Walter Middy and only dream about it.

I’m sure there are countless people who plunk down $70,000 or more for a new RV only to take it on the road once. They loved the idea of RVing but not so much the idea of flushing out and connecting up the sewer lines and the other chores required to set up camp so to speak.  When the reality of the details meet with the dream some realize they made a mistake. That is good new and bad news.  It is good news for the next round of people looking for an RV because they can get one at a big discount that has hardly been used.

But then there are folks like RVSue and her crew who are full-time at it and loving it. She keeps the dream alive for me.

I have not totally given up on my dream of RVing. As a matter of fact I have spent quite a bit of time taking my old 20+ year old truck and putting a “Steinbeck” cabin on top of it.  I tell myself that this project is mainly for the sake of the project (I love tinkering and getting my hands dirty) and not so much about the end result.  But it will be kind of fun to at least get away for a solo weekend now and then for a mini-version of RVing.

I like the idea of RVing….