The GOP Scowl…

Scrooge** Falling Off The Wagon **

I know I have sworn off politics but I just couldn’t resist this one.:)

Even though I have for the most part given up on watching political stuff on the cable news networks I am regularly exposed to it because my wife continues to have it on for her “entertainment”. She just loves to scream about all those idiot things politicians say. So whenever I pass through the living room I see another one often ranting about this or that. I went by while ago and saw an older white guy, so I assume he was a Republican, and even though I did not see the captions for his words his scowl was typical of many in that party. πŸ™‚

I don’t know, maybe a scowl is part of the requirements for membership now? it could part of their freshman training when they come into Washington. The scowl just seems to be a natural for almost all those yahoos. I wonder if they spend time every morning in front of a mirror practicing? Being that it is the Christmas season I thought I would put up a picture of the ultimate scowler and that is Ebenezer Scrooge.

2 thoughts on “The GOP Scowl…

  • (Please read with sarcastic tone)

    I am proud of you. Your resolution lasted 10 days, if you keep this up you might be the GOP Nominee for the election in 2016. Ha ha.

    (Serious Comments now)

    I really believe that politics is just wrassling as we called it back in Memphis. They do practice their look, they do practice their voice and how could anyone use so many words to not actually say anything? It is a con and we are the conned.


    • Hi Rob, I don’t think of this one as breaking my resolution as just temporarily falling off the wagon. And besides I didn’t attack any particular Republican. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, you are right politics is pretty much a con game now trying to get suckers to believe what they say even if they don’t believe it themselves. I better stop here or I will have fallen off the wagon twice in one post..(ha)


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