Conspiracy Theories and a Hyper-Competent Government….

Most of us, and especially my very conservative friends at least during Democrat administrations, have in our minds how government simply can’t do anything right. Whatever it does is most likely screwed up and can be done much better in the private sector….

In direct contrast is one thing most conspiracy theories contain is the idea of a hyper-competent government doing things way beyond any concept of normal activities.

It totally amazed me that there are so many popular conspiracy theories around today. If you want to see a list go to Wikipedia by clicking on the name.

Lets look at the area of extraterrestrials to get a sample of this hyper-government beliefs. Here is what is in the above link about that:

AliensA sector of conspiracy theory with a particularly detailed mythology is the extraterrestrial phenomenon, which has become the basis for numerous pieces of popular entertainment, the Area 51/Grey Aliens conspiracy, and allegations surrounding the Dulce Base. It is alleged that the United States government conspires with extraterrestrials involved in the abduction and manipulation of citizens. A variant tells that particular technologies, notably the transistor—were given to American industry in exchange for alien dominance. The enforcers of the clandestine association of human leaders and aliens are the Men in Black, who silence those who speak out on UFO sightings. This conspiracy theory has been the basis of numerous books, as well as the popular television show The X-Files and the Men in Black film series. The X-Files based the plots of many of its episodes around urban legends and conspiracy theories, and had a framing plot which postulated a set of interlocking conspiracies controlling all recent human history.

In order to even begin to accomplish anything in the order of conspiring with alien abduction and manipulation of U.S. citizens would take much more than a handful of people.  I worked for the company that invented the transistor many year ago and if it was given to us by aliens instead of being an idea of William Shockley and a few others it is one of the best kept secrets in that company. Not a single person has come through with any proof of alien cooperation in over fifty years!

It is totally unfathomable for me and I think the vast majority of us to believe that so many government employees needed to pull something like this off can keep this massive secret for all these years.  But it would be kind of nice if some of my friends who are haters of government, any government, would latch onto a small dose of the hyper-competent government idea.  Everyone who draws a public salary are not complete blithering incompetent idiots as so many seem to think.

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