An Argument For A National Sales Tax…

2014-02-25_09-41-58No slick lawyers, or income tax experts can get you out of a national sales tax. It’s so much on the dollar on every luxury you buy. Then, if you live in luxury, the poor fellow knows you are paying for it and he will even encourage you to buy more so it will help out the government.  — Will Rogers November 2, 1924


  1. Mr. Rogers tells you exactly why this will never work. The lawyers, accountants and the IRS are cut out of the money pile. It makes too much sense to ever work.


    1. Thanks for the comment Rob. That is the reason it will be super difficult for it to become law. It takes power away from the power brokers and they will fight it tooth and nail. Somehow we have to get that silent (maybe a better word is ignorant) majority who don’t vote to realize the power that THEY have. When that happens the power brokers will fall by the wayside.

      It doesn’t take a million buck to become powerful.


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