I Tell The Truth….

????????????????????????I always try to tell the truth or at least my version of it. I acknowledge the premise that all of us lie to one degree or another and that certainly includes me. But I always try to tell the truth.  Sometimes that makes me seem insensitive and maybe even an ass. I tell the truth when others would lie to make someone feel better.  Telling the truth just seems to be part of my basic nature.

I often speak, and many times on this blog write, before even thinking about what comes out. That is who I am.  This frequently gets me in trouble with my wife. I seem to often say things that get her upset.  When I don’t particularly like what she has cooked I most often let her know. Fortunately I do most of the cooking so that doesn’t happen often. I sometimes hurt her feelings when someone with more tact probably wouldn’t.

I know telling the truth got me into trouble with the church I once belonged to.. They were just not ready for my truths and after a period of time they let me know that by showing me the door. Never mind that I spent literally hundreds of hours of volunteer time outfitting cabinets and such for the new building. I spent many hours on various committees. All it took was a self-proclaimed response that I just didn’t buy into the 6,000 year old earth. That and other such proclamations spelled the beginning of the end for my participation in that body. The new minister was just too conservative to let me tell my version of truth. I’m sure he was convinced that I would cause too much dissension in his new flock.

Another side of the same coin is that I literally can’t stand someone who I know is lying to my face. Lying about who you are or what you believe is the epitome of wrong with me.  But that very characteristic seems to be a required thing with today’s politicians. They go from one group to another and say what they thing the group wants to hear. It doesn’t matter that they have no intention of carrying out any of the promises they make.They just don’t seem to have the guts to take a stand for something they might really believe.  I even sadly include Mr. Obama in that group now. I tell the truth and I expect that from others.

I just tell the truth. That is who I am.


  1. RJ,
    You are the best as you tell it like it is. I could not agree with you more with all your observations. I also have gotten myself in hot water for being too direct with my observations to people. My mother taught me to be honest that way. I probably have lost a lot of acquaintances along the way, BUT those I have kept are genuine friends. Quality versus quantity. To me, a true minister encourages open -minded thinking , so that you can GROW in your spiritual development. Making people restrict or constrict their thinking is not healthy for development. Phillip Gulley is the example of allowing everyone to openly share their opinions and responds.


  2. Your words are so true. Those who hide behind their demise will never understand truth. One friend of wisdom when confronted with these type of whimsical human beings,who live in protective shells , to just “move on” to human beings that have not been whitewash thinking . It is a mystery how people can become closed minded.


  3. In today’s world, people “hide” behind the truth of the matter. They do not want to openly cricize the wrongdoing of someone else. I have found this true among church going people especially.without truth, you cannot move forward, but you end
    up compromising your beliefs and your understanding.


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