Spring Break Cruises…

2014-03-21_08-37-50I was in college in the 1960s and can say I never took a spring break cruise or anything so lavish. There were a few kids I knew who did go to Ft. Lauderdale for the week but that was about it. But then again I lived my college life in a dormitory. I suspect that the frats and sororities whose kids usually came from much richer families did do extravagant things like this on the spring break. I just had no exposure to that side of life.

I haven’t looked up the statistics lately about who goes to college now but I imagine that it has moved very significantly toward the upper income families since my days. My spring breaks consisted of working in the cafeteria stockroom doing inventory and such. I needed those hours in order to pay the bills.  I usually didn’t have the money to even go home except on Christmas. Everything went toward housing and tuition payments. I am not lamenting those days as much as celebrating them. They gave me character and empathy for those who face such times now in their lives. They helped make me the person that I am.

Since I question everything I really wonder how those kids who go on cruises for spring break will grow up. What will be their life’s priorities? When everything is given to you does that change the type of person you will become? I was changed because I struggled for every penny. Are they changed because they don’t have to worry at all about finances? I just don’t know. There are examples of affluent people who have great compassion for others. There is the Kennedy clan, FDR,  and Bill Gates. I wonder how common they are among that crowd?

I suspect that the ivy league colleges which demand almost six figure tuition have quite a few representative on those spring break cruise ships. Many of those folks will likely end up on Wall Street or in a big time law firm. Some will be politicians of course. Will they even think about those who like I did have to struggle for what they take for granted? I need to investigate this some more. I know that Jesus said it is almost impossible for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God. Does that say something about this topic?

Questions, questions, questions…..