The Underdog…

2014-03-16_11-46-22All my life I have been for the underdog. I don’t know if it is because I was one or if it is just some innate empathy built into me. As I mentioned a few posts ago my favorite saint from the Catholic days was St Jude – the patron saint of lost causes. It is just something about these David/Goliath type battles that brings out strong passions in me.

Of course the opposite of the underdog is the powerful. For the most part I have never had a lot of awe for anyone in power. At best they are to be watched closely. People in positions of power just aren’t the ones I want to be around. Those senators, congressmen, and yes even presidents are to be kept on a  proverbial short leash. They have to show me, often times again and again, that I can trust them to do what I think is right.

Along with politicians,the sports jocks, the movie and TV stars just don’t impress me very much. I cheer more for the waiter who serves me than I do for those who make millions entertaining me.

The guy who doesn’t stand a chance is the one I am cheering for. If I were a doctor I’m sure I would be in pediatrics.  I would be struggling to give every preemie a chance to live. My family would probably never see me as I would spend my life in the hospital.

I am a sucker for lost causes. I latch onto things that most haphazardly disregard.

I am for the underdog.