The Underdog…

2014-03-16_11-46-22All my life I have been for the underdog. I don’t know if it is because I was one or if it is just some innate empathy built into me. As I mentioned a few posts ago my favorite saint from the Catholic days was St Jude – the patron saint of lost causes. It is just something about these David/Goliath type battles that brings out strong passions in me.

Of course the opposite of the underdog is the powerful. For the most part I have never had a lot of awe for anyone in power. At best they are to be watched closely. People in positions of power just aren’t the ones I want to be around. Those senators, congressmen, and yes even presidents are to be kept on a  proverbial short leash. They have to show me, often times again and again, that I can trust them to do what I think is right.

Along with politicians,the sports jocks, the movie and TV stars just don’t impress me very much. I cheer more for the waiter who serves me than I do for those who make millions entertaining me.

The guy who doesn’t stand a chance is the one I am cheering for. If I were a doctor I’m sure I would be in pediatrics.  I would be struggling to give every preemie a chance to live. My family would probably never see me as I would spend my life in the hospital.

I am a sucker for lost causes. I latch onto things that most haphazardly disregard.

I am for the underdog.

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  1. I applaud anyone in any capacity who excels at what they do, or does it with gusto. The waiter who anticipates your needs, the plumber who fixes something quickly and correctly the first time, the grocery checkout clerk who knows how to pack bags so produce and bread aren’t ruined……our world doesn’t seem to reward the person who does an everyday job well and takes pride in the effort, only those who make lots of money or are powerful in the traditional sense.

    Like you, RJ, I try to recognize that “job well done” with an extra large tip, a smile and a thank you, or a simple comment that shows I noticed. These folks aren’t really “underdogs”, just invisible and ignored much too often.


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