Primary Election Day…

2014-05-01_08-26-30Today is the primary election day in my State. I write my posts usually well in advance of them being published but I can assuredly say that I have voted already. Those of you who know me at all know that I am a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart liberal”. I am a big believer in social and economic justice issues. They are a very strong part of how I vote in each election.

Having said this it seems obvious that I generally vote the Democratic ticket in most elections so how come I voted in the Republican primary today instead of the Democrat?? I believe I can give you a very nuanced answer to that question. First of all I am in a State that allows you to declare your party at the polls. Sometimes I vote Democrat sometimes Republican but it seems for the last several years it is Republican. The primary reason for that is to try to eliminate the extreme candidates as early on in the election process as possible so that I might have a “real” choice come the November general election.

Maybe I shouldn’t be letting this secret out. Indiana is a very red State and one that has been doing everything legally possible lately to restrict the vote.  My mother, rest her soul, was not able to vote in the her last election because she did not have a valid driver’s license. I’m sure I am not the only one with this primary election strategy and if my Republican friends find out how I help them get rid of the wing nuts in their party they will likely try to prevent me from doing that in the future.

I don’t know if the State Senator candidate who has been sending me the weekly mailings of how he will do everything he can to eliminate Obamacare and protect my gun rights at any cost realize that I now know to vote for his opponent, whoever he is. I can pretty safely use the pronoun “he” as there are not many women at any level in the GOP in my State.

I can also rest assured that I was able to get in and out of the poll place pretty quickly since, as usual,  on one in five or so will join me at the polls today. If only people realized the power that they hold over their daily lives with their vote!


2 thoughts on “Primary Election Day…

  1. RJ – I love it! I have to check out this strategy here in CA to see if we can do the same but….luckily we don’t have the kind of Republican party here that it appears you do in Indiana. However, what impresses me the most, regardless of what political affiliation you choose to follow now or in November, you take your voting privilege so seriously that you have figured out this approach to provide yourself and your fellow Indiana voters the “best” choice in November. With only 50% or so of eligible Americans voting in Presidential election years, I wish more Americans had the same passion around their right to vote. You see people in Egypt, India, and many other countries lining up for weeks to take advantage of this privilege that so many people here seem to just ignore!

    I hope we have a large turnout overall for this November election given the issues facing the country both domestically and in foreign affairs – we need the best people willing to work and compromise with others to make progress on these various issues vs. trying to stomp their feet, shut the government down in order to get their own way! I have my own private preference as to what way I hope the election leans but I am willing to accept whatever the majority of Americans feels is best for their individual elections – if only a majority of Americans take part in the election in the first place!

    Thanks for raising this issue and sharing your approach. I promise to not tell anyone!!

    Take care of yourself and keep the posts coming for there are many of us out here reading and reflecting on the issues you raise – sometimes making comments and other times not. But, you do make a difference for all of us!



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