Big Government – Big Payback….


We all are constantly exposed to all those red State folks who rail against the big bad federal government. But who actually benefits from this bigness? As usual it is not surprising to learn that the biggest ranters are also the biggest takers when it comes to this category. Almost twice as much money per capita goes to red states than blue. South Carolina is number one; they get back $7.87 for every dollar they send to the federal government.

Any of you bean counters who what to dig into the statistics click on the graphic above to see the numbers.



4 thoughts on “Big Government – Big Payback….

  1. What a concept- someone should have the money that is taken I taxes to improve Their lives in their home state!


    1. Yes, Janette I believe that federal money should flow back to the State but in a proportion to what was sent. Is it fair to give NC almost eight times the money they sent? How about the States that they are essentially taking money away from?

      But the hypocritical posture of trying to shut down federal taxes while gobbling up much more than your fair share given is what gets to me and the reason for this particular post.


  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of fairness or not. The federal dollars go where the need is. And that’s what government is supposed to do–I support that. But two things strike me from those statistics: 1) What policies are in place in those red states that create such a need for federal dollars? My conclusion is those “red” policies do not work to lift people out of poverty or reduce the dependency on the government. That’s why so many federal dollars have to go there. Blue states’ policies are working in such a way that they don’t require so much per capita from the federal backstop. That should be instructional, 2) I think it’s the height of hypocrisy to complain about the federal tax burden when your state is the one on the dole. Put your money where your mouth is.


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