Give Them Hell Harry….

Independence, MO – Truman Library Harry Truman was a people’s people president. He didn’t come from aristocratic lineage as so many of his predecessors did.  Some say he as not a very effective president and didn’t really think of himself as presidential material. Be he did prove the fact that “anyone” can be president. 🙂 I will be covering this more in the coming days…. Continue reading Give Them Hell Harry….

Some Resist Change; Some Embrace It….

“Quite frankly, a lot of it has to do with the strength of the Apple brand and how much merchants and customers love how easy the experience is. I’m not saying it’s changing the landscape overnight. But this has never happened with other mobile wallets.”-Denée Carrington, analyst, Forrester Research SOURCE: Apple Pay catches the attention of retail customers. I have been personally reminded lately of just how … Continue reading Some Resist Change; Some Embrace It….