More Money for the Library When There is not Enough to Fix Potholes??

I recently read an article in my small town newspaper that our local library is getting ready to sell a $2,000,000 bond to increase  and modernize its building space. This took me somewhat by surprise. In the age of budget cuts and downsizing it seemed strange that a library would get more funding when they say we don’t have enough to even fix our potholes on my … Continue reading More Money for the Library When There is not Enough to Fix Potholes??

Cutting Out the Middle Man….

Concierge care was originally conceived before Obamacare, and it revved up in response to the Great Recession as an escape hatch for doctors fleeing the status quo. The existing fee-for-service system pays caregivers a certain amount for each test, diagnosis and procedure–which, according to critics, encourages overtreatment instead of preventive wellness care. Qliance, along with a growing number of similar operations, aims to be more … Continue reading Cutting Out the Middle Man….

American Ingenuity..

Youngstown, OH – Creativity Lets look at another pic from my Youngstown Historical Center visit. It isn’t immediately obvious what you are looking at so I will explain it. Working in the steel mills is dirty business so when the workers started their shifts they changed out of the street clothes into their work clothes. The mill owners didn’t want to spend the money for … Continue reading American Ingenuity..

Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street

Republican proponents insisted the new legislation would reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses and spur creation of new jobs. SOURCE:  Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street – Yahoo News. I think every one of those GOPers in this new congress need to have the words above tattooed on their foreheads. Ok more realistically written on a Post-It note and stuck on the foreheads. … Continue reading Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street

Earth As a Proving Ground??

Why did God go to all the trouble to create the universe? By any standards that was a massive undertaking. I am one who believes in the day age interpretation of the Bible.  In the last century or so God has given us the scientific understanding to know that the creation of the universe took millions if not billions of years to complete. Why did … Continue reading Earth As a Proving Ground??


“Now which is the narrowest, religious intolerance or political intolerance?” – Will Rogers, 20 April 1927 I have been pondering that question for some time now myself Will. We all know that so much of politics, particularly the GOP brand,  is primarily driven by fear. The politicians want people fearful of their opponents winning over them. They keep our military budgets at absurd levels by keeping us … Continue reading Intolerance…

Please make the dumb people stop talking!!!

I mean really, tell me again how people having access to health insurance is bad. Remind me again how the earth is invincible to mankind’s abuse. Explain to me why women don’t know what’s best for their own body. Why is it we need more guns again? I’ll be better off if we lower taxes on the rich? Please make the dumb people stop talking!!! … Continue reading Please make the dumb people stop talking!!!

What Wealth Does To Your Soul – Part 2

With this post I will conclude my discussion about what might make the wealthy among us seem so callous to others needs. The source for these posts came as a surprise to me. Here is some more quotes from that article. A UCLA neuroscientist named Keely Muscatell has published an interesting paper showing that wealth quiets the nerves in the brain associated with empathy: If … Continue reading What Wealth Does To Your Soul – Part 2

Gridlock Busters…The Genesis…

Gridlock seems to be endemic within our political system here in the U.S. for decades now but never so much as it is today. Those guys in Washington just can’t get along no matter what the circumstances are.  The solution to this problem seems insurmountable using any conventional wisdom of the day. So it is time to attack the problem with some “off-the-wall” thinking. If RJsCorner … Continue reading Gridlock Busters…The Genesis…